' 77 - Bright Bloom (Album)


'77 was founded by the Valeta brothers in 2006 as a tribute to AC/DC’s 'Let There Be Rock' (from, you’ve guessed it, 1977). The Spanish band are heavily influenced by the ‘70s, a decade the brothers feel artistically drawn to, citing The Who, Black Sabbath, and Slade amongst the bands who made the biggest impact on them from this time. Mixed by the Valeta brothers in Madrid, 'Bright Gloom' is released 27th April 2017.


Tracks to watch include 'Be Crucified', 'Where Have They Gone' and 'Last Chance'. 'Be Crucified' opens with a strong intro of crunchy guitar and deliciously deep drums, and develops into a vintage moody and melodic late ‘60s/early ‘70s inspired track with a screaming guitar solo. 'Where Have They Gone' is my track of the album. It has a drum-led intro, a heavenly alt rock vocal, and is insanely catchy. The instrumental is heavy throughout and the vocals just the other side of melancholic but so melodic you cant help but join in. 'Last Chance' is a bangin track with a southern rock flavour and pulsating drum that moves your hips without your permission; a track to dance to and lose yourself in.


'Bread & Circus' is the epitome of classic Seventies hard rock; a guitar-led feel-good boogie-rock track with a hint of psychedelia left over from the ‘60s. 'Hands Up' is bass-heavy with tortured vocals that add atmosphere, and a band-chant chorus that pulls it together. There are heavy riffs aplenty and a strong and catchy rock groove. 'Who's Fighting Who' is an interesting track, with another band-chant, which I would have placed elsewhere on the album and not directly following a similar style chorus.  That said, it's another chunky bass-fuelled classic, this one kicking up a few beats 90 seconds in with a faster, edgier instrumental and vocal. It's not lyrically complex but it's fun.


'It's Near', 'You Better Watch Out', and 'I Want My Money Back' are thoroughly enjoyable and authentic feeling old-school tracks, but on  'You Better Watch Out' the star is the instrumental as I can't tell what he's singing at any stage except the title of the track. These all pale for me against the Dio-esque 'Fooled By Love' with its powerful rhythm section, and the most cohesive sound on the album. The album closes with a pocket-rocket 'Make Your Mind Up' which is under 2 mins in length but has a lovely bluesy style and epic bass.


Some of the finest progressive, blues rock, and hard rock bands emerged during the ‘70s and it's one of my favourite sounds, so I can see why '77 are enraptured by the decade. They play boogie-based hard rock with a lot of parallels to AC/DC  but that doesn’t mean the band isn't innovative. Nobody can be blamed for being inspired by one of the biggest rock bands ever. It's not earth-shattering or breaking new ground but the album has a soul and is fun to listen to. Well worth a listen.



Bread & Circus

Hands Up

Who's Fighting Who

Be Crucified

Where Have They Gone

It's Near

You Better Watch Out

Fooled by Love

Last Chance

I Want My Money Back

Make Up Your Mind



Armand Valeta - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

LG Valeta - Lead Guitar

Dani Martin - Bass

Andy Cobo - Drums






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