aAND! - wWOOF? (EP)



Metal and humour have rarely been comfortable bedfellows. The serious nature of most heavy music means that if you’re going to go comic, you need to be good at it. More importantly, if you haven’t got the tunes, your listeners are in for a wild ride of hand-biting embarrassment. Swathed in tablecloths, aAnd! have elected to deliver a sermon of silliness on their latest, wWoof!.


Opening with plenty of wallop on ‘Cattle Defenestration’, the mass of this record is immediately apparent, with a healthy poke given to the instrumentation. There’s also a cockerel before the track begins, so only an idiot would imagine that aAnd! take themselves seriously. An intense barrage of detuned metalcore gives way to ‘Bear Hugs!’, which is where the listener’s stupidity threshold is genuinely tested. A childish campfire strum yields a massive gronk in the form of some heartless sludgy stomping with the added bonus of some bear noises and a fart.


Thankfully, ‘...sSimple Simon’ is a decent slab of brow-beating metal without any superfluous toss. Mean and off-centre with a opening reminiscent of Inside The Beehive, its only concession to comedy is the hacking cough towards the end. ‘...Bagdhad Brodown!’ is a good, solid block of battery, framed with the gentle swoosh of the ocean that lilts between each track. Barring the almost incidental ‘...wWomble!’ the record closes out with the textbook deathcore of ‘...I am A Mighty Pirate...PREPARE TO DIE!’, which slurs its way through your ears with a pleasing laziness.


If aAnd! dressed in jeans and t-shirts it’s unlikely that anyone outside of the people who think iwrestledabearonce are super would even give them a cursory listen. That’s a shame, because without the flatulence and sheep bleating wWoof! is a pretty solid record by a band with an interesting feel. The production has plenty of weight, and there’s enough of a nudge and a wink in the way the songs are played that all the jokey bits are a bit unnecessary. That being said, it’s obviously their thing, but they don’t need it to be heard. Robust.


Under band members on their Facebook page it says “Don't you know who we are?”


Track listing:
Cattle Defenestration

Bear Hugs!

….sSimple Simon!

...Baghdad Brodown!


...I Am A Mighty Pirate...PREPARE TO DIE!


Check out more from aAnd! on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/aandofficial/


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