ACCURSED SPAWN - Bhopal '84' (Single)



Canada, seen as one of the most welcoming and understanding countries in the world, doesn’t half have a history of bands that make a right old racket. Boasting among their ranks Cryptopsy, Exciter, Voivod and Gorguts, the land of Zambonis and William Shatner is no stranger to riffs and shouting, and Accursed Spawn are unlikely to change that. Coming off the back of their highly unrelaxing Putrid EP from 2014, new single Bhopal ‘84 takes their frantic form of death metal and winds it into a stinging rat tail.


A huge step up in production and playing terms from the likes of ‘Sedate To Mutilate’ and ‘Burned Into Sterility’, the horrifying story of Bhopal’s world famous 1984 gas leak and subsequent massive loss of life is rendered here in the form of some fantastically pointed metallic aggression. To be clear, this isn’t thrash, black or speed; it’s Death Metal. It’s hard to imagine that Accursed Spawn would even be remotely interested in another style, which is just dandy as this track delivers the heavy goods without even batting an eyelid.


Composed, invigorating and performed with both fervour and commitment, this is some first-rate death alright. Handling such a subject with compassion and understanding is as Canadian a way to approach death metal as one could conceive, and it is ace. Excellent.


Max Warwick - Vocals

Adam Pell - Guitar / Backing Vocals

Wei Lu - Bass

Jay Cross - Drums


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