AETHEZA - Self-Titled (EP)



Aetheza are a 4-piece alt rock band from Surrey,  led by "fire-breathing Alisha Meehan, a strong, badass frontwoman" who is joined by Mini Fairhurst (drums), Luke Cunnington (guitar), and Tony Lewis (bass). They describe their sound as relentless riffs and driving rhythms with powerful vocal melodies. Their debut 3-track EP is out now.


The first track on the EP is ‘Hurricane’ which has an electrifying intro that vibrates my very soul. The female vocal, Alisha, is melodic but fierce and this is a real singalong track, relentlessly catchy with a stirring rhythm section. Natural disaster? Miracle of nature, more like; "hold me back, hold me down". 7/10


‘Thunderstorm’ has a smooth and heavy intro and starts with a mellower vocal, pretty but strong, which launches into another uncompromising pop-rock chorus. The bass is heavenly, the star of the track for me, and there are a couple of short guitar solos followed by more killer vocals. Towards the end, there is some swanky drum work, and the softer, tender vocal closes the song. These guys are versatile and contemporary, with lots of commercial appeal. Bangin'. One question though - what is with the weather… 7/10
‘Running Away’ starts with a Hendrix-style guitar and, with a more emotive vocal, is heavier with a very funky bass. The track mixes guitar rock hooks with pop sensibilities, a good beat and sweet sounding vocal. My favourite on the EP. 8/10


The EP is more pop-rock than alt rock, and definitely not indie, it is fun, solid and catchy. A promising start but the question is, will they stand out in the crowd? I sincerely hope so.



Running Away


Alisha Meehan - Vocals
Luke Cunnington - Guitar
Tony Lewis - Bass
Mini Fairhurst - Drums



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