AIRBOUND - Airbound (Album)

Michael Bruce


So we have an Italian band called AIRBOUND with their first album entitled this an indication of the songs on here or not...time will tell.


Starting with a reasonably up tempo song to start with HAVE A GOOD starts with a piano riff, power chords and some whoa whoas before the band settles into the first verse.  The band themselves state for fans of Journey and me it’s more like Bon Jovi at its weakest and Jim Steinman/Meat Loaf influences. The singer Tomas Borgogna even sounds a little like JBJ on this one.  Next onto The Sun Tomorrow with a keyboard heavy tune along the same lines as the first offering with a chorus with plenty of backing vocals....maybe just a little sweet for this reviewer.


Till The End starts with some backwards keyboards before this slower paced song kicks in.... a little more moody is this track.....nice chorus but sounds too close to a Vega song and that’s what sticks in my mind rather than this offering......another couple of decent mid tempo songs before the obligatory ballad kicks in.  Zhaneta is a piano driven song with a nice double time solo that helps to keep the song building until the end.  Runaway starts with a decent guitar riff that certainly pricked my ears up as I was hoping for something a little more on the rockier side of’s getting there certainly with this song and a piano laden bridge and some spoken word leads you right past the non-existent solo you were hoping for towards the end of the song.  Wasted World follows in the same vein as its predecessors before She’s A Girl gets the album back on an upbeat track.....certainly the favourite track on this album for this reviewer.  Seven Seas finishes us off with a rather mellow track.


A fairly decent debut album for this band however there are too many other bands you think of while listening to this and nothing new on offer which is a little disappointing for a new band.

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