ALIEN WEAPONRY - Kai Tangata (Single)



Do you ever look back at old pictures of Metallica when they were just beginning their careers and find it hard to associate those youthful, innocent faces with the incredible music they made? Well go and look at a photo of Alien Weaponry while listening to their absolutely immense new single ‘Kai Tangata’ and feel those feelings in real time.


The combined age of the three members of Alien Weaponry may be lower than James Hetfield’s alone but the noise they create belies their youth, and the sheer depth of their sound belies the fact that there’s only three of them. Truly heavy trios are a rare commodity indeed, but ‘Kai Tangata’ proves that a tight, compact unit can make a noise to rival anyone.


In an increasingly crowded marketplace it helps to have a unique quality in order to stand out and Alien Weaponry have a doozy. Sung entirely in the Maori language the song is attention grabbing but unlike Babymetal, for example, this is no gimmick, the band are proud of their New Zealand roots and are serious and passionate in their desire to blend the tradition and stories of their country’s indigenous population with high energy, full throttle thrash. It sounds crazy but it works. The language itself also lends itself brilliantly to the thundering metal, this feels every inch like a tribal call to arms, even without the English translation a quick Google search can provide.


Like Sepultura did with ‘Ratamahatta’ and Rammstein have shown throughout their careers, singing in a language other than English is no barrier to making accessible, crowd pleasing metal music and if Alien Weaponry can reproduce this sort of sound live they are going to be pleasing a lot of crowds very soon. ‘Kai Tangata’ is the sort of song you’ll happily shout along to in the moshpit in spite of not having a clue what any of the words are.


Comparisons to Metallica, Sepultura and Rammstein might seem over the top but if ‘Kai Tangata’ is any kind of indicator then it won’t be long before Alien Weaponry are rubbing shoulders with metal’s elite. It’s not often something comes along that feels as fresh and original as this, the next big thing might just have arrived, get ready, get excited and get in on the ground floor because these guys could be going right to the very top.


Line Up:

Lewis de Jong - Guitar/Vocals

Ethan Trembath - Bass Guitar

Henry de Jong - Drums


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