All Good Things are not your typical band. They are a bunch of session musicians and producers who come together to create individual tracks for specific projects and also to throw an occasional album to their adoring and growing fan base. Check out their website and find the list of tracks they have written, you will have heard so many of them without realising; themes from movies; TV; games; these guys have created some great music in the studio and released albums under the banner of BATTLE ROCK.


Epic, theatrical, symphonic; words that all came to mind on my first listen to ‘Machines’ and I have listened and listened and listened.


The title track ‘Machines’ has a full sound, heavy drums, a wonderful grooving bass line, distorted synth vocal layered below the main vocal give a ‘machine’ feel to the arrangement. It’s very clever, top it all off with a catchy chorus and Wow! I’m pretty blown away. ‘Never Die’ continues in the same manner. Guitar riffs, heavy drums, and a light vocal initially riding above the music, taking the melody before the music envelopes around it, making it part of the overall sound. Nice tight stops signal tempo changes and a variety of vocal styling changes things up even further.


‘The Beginning of the End’ has beautiful riffs to the opening, an almost sad tone allowing a rich smooth vocal to fall into place. Powerful vocal arrangements, slow drumming and the introduction of strings give a symphonic edge as the track reaches a higher plane before receding back down to the slower emotional feel. The vocal is pretty awesome, full on power pipes carrying the melody.


‘Born Ready’ has slogging heavy drums, symbols crashing, rumbling, buzzing bass riffs building in intensity, a huge sing-a-long chorus; it’s an ear wormer of a track. This leads into ‘Break Through This Wall’, a hard, heavy and an aggressive death voice rap, pulsating heavy guitars, it slowly grows and morphs into an aggressive level. More layers of vocals, more styles of vocals, more deliciousness.


‘What Have I Become’ is my favourite on the album, a difficult decision to make, but there is something in the vocal that just gives it an edge. Bigger, buzzy riffs but a simpler track, less styles and an arrangement that turns this into a simply stunningly good track. ‘For The Glory’ with strings, crashing drums, symphonic undertones, understated guitars, is powerful and harmonious. Another winner in the sing-a-long stakes. A really beautiful riff leading into a heavy rap gives added flavour to the tone of the music. This is an epic feeling song.


‘We Shall Overcome’, light piano and a clear vocal gives a softer feel to the song. It does evolve as it progresses and becomes beautifully bass heavy. The star of this one however is most definitely the vocal from Dan. Finishing with ‘Decimator’, a hard, melodic rock track with a metal rap and so many styles it sends you dizzy.


Every track feels powerfully stadium filling; it’s like ‘30 Seconds to Mars’ meets a symphony orchestra playing rock. Two slight criticisms however, firstly some of the tracks have so many styles encompassed, I’d rather they kept it slightly more simple, write more songs to show the diversity of styles. Secondly there’s 9 tracks on the album, it isn’t enough – give me more!!!


One to put on loud and sit back and enjoy. A well-produced, well written and arranged album. Stunningly good musicians and a rather wonderful vocalist. A cracking good listen.


Track list:


Never Die

Beginning of the End

Born Ready

Break Through This Wall

What Have I Become

For The Glory

We Shall Overcome



All Good Things Currently Are:

Dan Murphy - Vocals, Guitar

Andrew Bojanic - Guitars, Vocals

Liz Hooper - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Miles Franco - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Randy Cooke - Drums


Occasional Members:

Joe Pringle - Vocals

Phil X - Guitar, Vocals

Tim Spier - Drums


Check the band out on:




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