AMERICAN GLUTTON - Dish Served Cold (EP)



American Glutton are a hard rock band of Floridian stock, hailing from Jacksonville in the sunshine state. Their style is heavy rock verging on metal, drawing on inspiration from this side of the Atlantic with influences from 80s NWOBHM acts such as Iron Maiden and the mighty Black Sabbath.


American Glutton is ably manned by Raven Cain (vocals), Tommy Harrison (guitar), Dani Harrison (bass), and Kirk Ferguson (drums).


‘Dish Served Cold’ is the band’s first offering on release as an EP and includes five accomplished tracks that instantly sound polished, well played and carefully put together. New listeners will be surprised that this is the first offering from the band but the band members come with a strong pedigree having performed in other guises and genres with a strong following.


The EP opens with a heavy, almost laid-back groove with ‘Mr Strange’. The vocal prowess of Cain is instant and his range is wide with soaring melodies counter-balanced with a cackling laugh that paints a vivid picture of Mr Strange. The musicianship is excellent. A smooth, almost understated rhythm approach by D. Harrison and Ferguson with T. Harrison’s tasteful guitar solo sets the tone for what else is to come.


‘My War’ and ‘Sin City’ have a more modern feel that chunks the guitars into dark grooves. The harmonies in ‘My War’ layered behind the chorus work in contrast with the verses and deliver rough alongside smooth. This is the work of accomplished artists.


‘God Knows’ lifts the pace, is guitar-driven and follows the approach of sitting behind the vocals to let the lyrics shine through. The material sounds brooding as a result and brings about a menacing, almost sleazy vocal feel. This adds to the subject of ‘sin city’ that Cain evokes admirably. The track takes a different direction in the lead up to the solo where Cain’s spoken word reminds the listener of post Van Halen Dave Lee Roth - only darker.


The closing track takes the pace down in ‘Empty Eyes’ and will be a strong live piece where the power is evident in both the vocals (again) and the changes from acoustic guitar to ringing power chords. In this emotional and emotive piece, the vocals reminded me of early Geoff Tate and Myles Kennedy such was the power and passion.


In ‘Dish Served Cold’ I’m confident this is merely the starter for an awesome feast as these supreme musicians obviously know what they’re all about. This five track dish certainly isn’t cold and I’d recommend giving it a listen.

‘Dish Served Cold’ is released on The Ashes Records and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other outlets.


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Track Listing:

Mr Strange

My Eyes

Sin City

My War

God Knows


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