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Among The First are a new band out of Sacramento, California that only played their debut show in May 2017. Comparing their sound to Thrice, He is Legend, Bring Me the Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, In this Moment and Blindside, these five guys have been playing locally around California and are opening for Steel Panther in a couple of weeks, so they have clearly impressed some heavy hitters in the world of rock. This self-titled EP is their first release.


‘Failure’ is the opening track and begins quite slowly with all the members playing in harmony. There’s no doubt about it, they sound great together. This opening part washes over me a bit on the first listen, but then the song picks up and gets more lively. The more I listen to this track, the more it grows on me. “I’m tired of being a zombie, I’m a slave to the taste of you…I’m dying slowly with you”. I think we’ve probably all been in relationships like this and can relate.


‘Fiend’ starts with a killer riff and backing vocals with a “Hey!” that really gets my head banging to the beat, then the rhythm section and lead vocal join in, and I’m sold. I LOVE this track! After the first listen (while I’m doing the dishes, so not really paying attention!), I can’t get it out of my head! “We all know someone who fakes it…I hope that you hear this, you know who you are…you are a fiend!”


‘Never Forget’ begins with another great riff and vocal before being joined by some serious pounding on the drums and heavy bass, the twin guitars of Wheeler and Ealy sounding fantastic together. ‘Nothing To Lose’ is just as good, great musicianship, a song that is begging to be played loud so that it completely absorbs you. Brilliant stuff. These are songs that really lend themselves to being played on a huge stage with the crowd going absolutely wild.


First single ‘Pariah’ is the penultimate track. Already? I want a whole album! “Can anybody tell me everything is all right? Feels like the floor is sinking…It feels like I’ve lost all my dignity...” The powerhouse rhythm section keep up the throbbing beat throughout, those crunchy walls of guitars sound amazing, and Jeremy Hogan’s vocals are full of tension and pain to match the lyrics. No wonder this was chosen as the band’s first release, it is phenomenal.


Final track ‘Talk To Me’ starts with a nice grungy guitar lick and matching vocals, then suddenly these tail off and become softer, before building up the pace again. This continues throughout the track. “Can you even see at all?…Talk to me!” screams Hogan, his voice full of anguish. It’s a song of dark and light, harsh raspy vocals, then much softer, lighter tones that are quite beautiful.  Instrumentally, the thumping drums and fuzzy baselines are relentless all the way through the track, apart from during the very few quiet parts, when there is a reprieve. What a great way to finish an EP. Memorable stuff.


‘Among The ‘First’ is an EP that packs an emotional punch. Each track seems to somehow top the last. Although they’re a newly formed band, they sound like they’ve been playing together for years.  I’m so excited about this band. I can’t stop listening. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Wow.


Among The First are:-

Jeremy Hogan - Vocals

Allen Wheeler - Lead Guitar

Jay Ealy - Guitar

Nick Herst - Bass Guitar

Taylor Klisiewicz - Drums


‘Among The First’ track listing:-



Never Forget

Nothing To Lose


Talk To Me


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