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‘Are You Dreaming?’ is the new EP from Anavae, released on Better Noise Records / Eleven Seven Music Group, and recorded at Middle Farm Studios, Devon, with Pete Miles and long term producer Ian Sadler. Anavae are made up of Rebecca Need-Menear and Jamie Finch who have created an EP that will allow you to take a step inside their world of alt-rock, pop and electronic all blended into 21 minutes of lucid, enthralling, immensely satisfying industrial feel tracks.


The EP  follows their debut ‘Into the Aether’ and second EP ‘Dimensions’ which reached the top 10 in the iTunes Rock Chart, so they’ve really set a bar for themselves with this new release.


‘Are You Dreaming?’ kicks off with ‘All or Nothing’, a heavy track with an industrial bass feel, soaring vocals from Rebecca Need-Menear with the addition of huge hitting instruments that push the track through sonic punches, an immense chorus while delicately transitioning between delicate and thundering riffs from Jamie Finch on the guitar. ‘Forever Dancing’ has the same soaring vocals mixed with just enough rock / electronic to produce a unique sounding melancholic ballad style track that will encourage dancing and swaying during the milder verses, then head banging beats as the chorus hits while the lyrics pull you through the heartbreaking question ‘how do I do this now that I’m alone? Maybe I’ll find you on the road’.


‘Are We Alone?’ begins with a sequence of chimes that maintain their rhythm throughout the whole track. The vocals from Need-Menear are varied on this track, dipping between light and ethereal vocals through the verses to a louder more intense vocal throughout the immense chorus. Full of satisfying hooks and ghostly electronica this track just demands attention.


‘Stay’ is my favourite track on the EP. It has the same huge choruses like the previous tracks and melodically pleasing vocals that quieten then intensify throughout, but... there’s a quality to this track, a much harder edge despite its softer intro and pits and falls that adds a layer to the track, a marching beat of industrial feel drums, chugging at the core and powering through just the right amount of electronica to propel the track through the now obligatory huge chorus that Anavae manage to pack into their tracks.


The final track on the EP ‘Lose Your Love’ is interwoven with achingly beautiful vocals that are contrasted by the industrial feel soundscapes that echo through the track, combined with surges of rippling bass lines, juxtaposed against the electronica and ethereal guitar riffs and keys that transcend through every second of the track.

To put it simply, this EP is purely stunning. Don’t take just my word for it, go and listen to it and if you don’t feel the same enlightenment in your soul that I felt from this EP then I’ll eat my hat. I don’t own a hat but I’m confident that you too will love this EP.


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Track listing:


All or Nothing

Forever Dancing

Are We Alone?


Lose Your Love


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