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Unless you have just emerged from a Himalayan monastery after an aeon of meditation, then you will no doubt have witnessed or at least heard of Canada’s Anvil. Hailing from Toronto, this band continues to sound as big as their home city’s CN Tower with the release of their new album ‘Pounding The Pavement’.


When Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Reiner started playing in the late 70s, they would never have guessed that they would be on the start of an adventure involving constant touring and the production of 17 albums. Cited by many as an early influence – not least for the drumming skills of Reiner, Anvil went on to re-ignite the interest of a broader fan base with their award winning rockumentary - ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’. This won them the hearts of many who perhaps recalled their earlier work but who had thought they were gone. They weren’t gone however, and went on to continue their relentless approach to touring – the very thing that gave the name to the new album.


‘Pounding The Pavement’ is instantly recognisable as Anvil – such is their no-nonsense approach to their material. Rather than creating lyrically pretentious or confusing songs – Lips sings what he is thinking (it seems). Joined by Chris Robertson on bass, the band have produced an honest album that opens with a barrage of riffs in the old school headbanger - ‘Bitch in the Box’. I challenge any listener not to sing along with the chorus. I did and the missus wasn’t happy.


What comes next doesn’t disappoint with a solid approach, picking the pace up in such drum-driven behemoths as ‘Ego’ and ‘Warming Up’. ‘Warming Up’ particularly has a Van Halen-esque feel such is the up-beat swapping of the limelight between the rhythm section and the guitar work. This style balances nicely with a change of direction with ‘Nanook of the North’ that opens with traditional Canadian Inuit throat singing. The tale told is simple and achieves what Kudlow sought to do – focus on the tribal history of his homeland and deliver some metal in the process.


The band admit that they always move forward in their material but hint at their earliest style to keep the fans happy. In ‘World of Tomorrow’ a more thought-provoking song is achieved that overlays Sabbath-like riffs on a mature lyrical delivery. It works well and isn’t altogether what you would expect from Anvil.


This is a solid, sweaty hunk of metal steak that will satisfy the hungriest metal fan. There isn’t a weak song on this album and it shows that hard working bands can achieve decades of success if they believe in themselves and ignore the industry that can be a barrier to weaker souls.


‘Pounding The Pavement’ was produced by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany, and is released on SPV/STEAMHAMMER on 19th January 2018. You can pick it up at the usual outlets on both CD and vinyl.

Give it a listen and remember – know your audience when singing along whilst wearing headphones!


Track Listing -


Bitch In The Box


Doing What I Want

Smash Your Face

Pounding The Pavement

Rock That Shit

Let It Go

Nanook of the North

Black Smoke

World of Tomorrow

Warming Up

Don´t Tell Me (bonus track)


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01.02.NL-Leiden - Gebr. De Nobel

02.02.NL-Venlo - Poppodium Grenswerk

03.02.NL-Hengelo - Metropool

04.02.NL-Tilburg - Little Devil

06.02.GB-London - Underworld

07.02.GB-Stoke - Eleven Music

08.02.GB-Newcastle - Trillians

09.02.GB-Grimsby - Yardbirds

10.02.GB-Glasgow - Cathouse

11.02.GB-Wigan - Pure

13.02.GB-Belfast - The Limelight

14.02.IE-Dublin - The Academy

16.02.GB-Buckley - Tivoli

17.02.GB-Bridgend - Hobos

18.02.GB-Brighton - Green Door Store

20.02.GB-Bilston - Robin 2

21.02.GB-York - Fibbers

22.02.GB-Evesham - Iron Road

23.02.GB-Weston - The Bear

24.02.B-Kortrijk - De Kreun

25.02.F-Paris - Le Trabendo

27.02.F-Colmar - Le Grillen

01.03.E-Irun - Sala Tunk

02.03.E-Madrid - MON

03.03.E-Valencia - Paberse Club

04.03.E-Barcelona - Sala Boveda

10.03.I-Florence - Circus

11.03.I-Brescia - Circolo Colony

13.03.CH-Solothurn - Kofmehl

14.03.D-Munich - Backstage

15.03.D-Essen - Turock

16.03.D-Mannheim - 7er Club

17.03.D-Münster - Sputnikhalle

18.03.D-Berlin - Musik & Frieden

20.03.D-Flensburg - Roxy

22.03.SE-Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers

23.03.SE-Finspang - Hugo

24.03.SE-Uppsala - Katalin

25.03.SE-Stockholm - Fryshuset Klubben

28.03.NO-Oslo - Olsen Pa Bryn

29.03.NO-Haugesund - Flytten

30.03.NO-Hamar - Gregers

31.03.NO-Odal - Odal Rock Club

04.04.D-Frankfurt - Nachtleben

05.04.D-Hamburg - Markthalle

06.04.D-Siegburg – Kubana


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