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As Rockstock approaches, excitement and anticipation grows for the three days and nights of rock and blues music that will be showcased for our enjoyment and entertainment. Whilst most people going to the sold out festival will be familiar with the main stage bands, there are also 14 bands getting ready to keep us entertained on Stage 2. The second stage runs in the afternoons, finishing well before the main stage opens, so that we don’t have to miss a thing. A quick look at that schedule and it is clear that there are many excellent bands on the bill this year.


One band I am particularly looking forward to seeing is deVience - a London based band 5-piece rock band.  In the four years they have been together, they have brought their individual influences and styles together to develop a sound which they say is ‘defined by soaring vocal melodies, swaggering riffs and pulsating rhythms’. Having listened to their debut album, that description really does hit the mark. I am looking forward to hearing them live in Trecco Bay.


deVience have worked hard to establish themselves, playing live gigs at many London venues, including the Borderline, 100 club and Sound. However, the highlight for them so far is a trip to the US playing in venues such as Whisky a GoGo and the Viper Room. They are looking forward to playing to the Rockstock crowd next weekend.

Gio, the lead singer, is currently appearing in Jim Steinman’s acclaimed musical ‘Bat Out of Hell’ on stage in Toronto and is flying in to the UK just to join his fellow band members on the Rockstock stage before flying straight back to Canada to continue his run in the musical.


I caught up with him on a break from his busy schedule and he said……


‘Performing 8 rock shows a week singing the songs of Jim Steinman & Meat Loaf keeps my voice in the condition that is needed to rock out with deVience. 


Having written the music and performing it live over the last year, the songs quickly became muscle memory; so I’m always locked and loaded to gig.


Whilst I’m here in Canada, the guys keep the band tight week in week out. As soon as we are reunited it’s like we’ve never been apart. We’re so stoked to be playing Planet Rockstock. I’m flying in specially and back to the show the day after. We’re so ready to put on a bad ass show so come rock out with us. Feel free to connect with the band and let us know your thoughts on all social media’


deVience can’t wait to perform at Rockstock - It would be great if they had a huge crowd to give them the massive reception they deserve! They appear on the second stage at 11:45 on Sunday - See you there!


deVience are:

Giovanni Spano - Vocals

Donnie Roulstone - Guitars 

Jim O'Connor - Guitars

Ben Porter - Bass

Olli Carter - Drums


Their social media contact details are:




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