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AS SIRENS FALL. Remember the name. Etch it into your mind and go check them out at a local venue as soon as you can, as it would appear these guys aren’t going to be accessible to your small local venues for much longer! They are exploding on the alt rock/pop scene with an eruption of aggressively delivered riffs and vocals that seems to be taking the alt-rock/pop world by storm.

Formed in 2014 As Sirens Fall (ASF) have filled in the void that existed between rock and commercial pop and made waves, not small waves, tsunami sized ones that just keep coming and coming. Delivering sold out headline tours after the release of their debut EP ‘The Hospital Party’ in 2016, consecutive appearances at Download Festival in 2016 and 2017 (not something easily attainable as Download very rarely welcome back the same band 2 years running) and a host of live shows and festivals throughout the past few years which have carved a path for the quintet from Keighley that sees them heading for the big time.


Their new 6 track EP ‘Where Lost Things Go’ is set to hit the shelves and download sites on April 13th 2018 and frankly it’s a scorcher of an EP. Pre-order now to get the new single ‘Lily’ instantly!


‘Lily’ opens up the EP with a boom. Edgy riffs and aggressive vocals that bite your head off before spitting the fast paced rhythm back at you, sees this track deliver a catchy beat and memorable chorus. Vocally Mikey Lord is epic; ranging from smoothly delivered lyrics to those screaming, aggressive roars he delivers the whole package. Adam Doveston’s and Richard Hadley’s dual guitars delivering killer riffs throughout the track.

‘In My Mind’ sees the astounding Benji Webbe (Skindred) attack this track with his unique style, adding an extra layer to the band that I didn’t realise they needed. Benji’s presence on the track doesn’t take anything away from the band at all; it adds another level to the already compelling sound that ASF generate. It’s softly aggressive, with the chugging of the bass throughout the track that seems to drive the rhythm home. The riffs scurry through the track, weaving their magic in-between the compelling boom of the drums from Jarlath McCaughery.


‘Like Vultures’ has a quieter guitar intro before the track kicks in fully with a huge presence. Lord is hitting high notes, flowing through the lyrics with raw emotions and huge choruses, Doveston (Adam) and Hadley filling in with backing vocals that complement the delivery of Lord perfectly, while they chase through the song with the light then heavy riffs, the contrast between the softness and hardness of the track working so well together. The overall feel of the track envelops you in a swaying easy rhythm of sheer pleasure, lifting you up then lowering you down with its delivery and then embracing the heavier side of alt-rock as it meanders through the track. It works so well! Love it.

‘Getaway’ is a ballad, full of emotion, full of angst. Keyboard intro accented by gentle vocals for the first part of the song, before the soft lulling guitars join in, the drums low and underpinned by the soft bass from Jason Doveston. The track builds very slowly but delivers a huge sound despite its softer timbre. A beautifully delivered track, constructed to produce an atmospheric and spellbinding slow burner that will stick in your mind for a long time after the final notes ring out.

‘My Only Ghost’ returns to the full on alt-rock fast paced rhythm, the riffs galloping along through the track. The descending riffs after the chorus giving the track a different feel, yet it’s just as captivating as the previous tracks on the EP. Vocals once again get inside your ears and won’t go away, they’re addictively compelling, while the dual guitars once again reel you in and the hooks snare you in and won’t let go. For me it’s probably the strongest track on the EP.

Finally, rounding up the EP is ‘She Runs With Wolves’. And I have to say it’s a great track to finish up with. The vocals soar high above the track yet manages to also blend seamlessly with every other element of the track. More catchy choruses that wiggle their way into your psyche, burrowing into your brain and taking up a permanent residence there.


If you’re looking for an EP to deliver a lesson in how to do it right and how to do it with passion and emotion with an aggressive solid edge of alt-rock and choruses that will sweep you along the tracks like a runaway train then look no further than As Sirens Fall newest offering ‘Where Lost Things Go’.


Track list:


In My Mind (Feat. Benji Webbe)

Like Vultures


My Only Ghost

She Runs With The Wolves


As Sirens Fall are:

Mikey Lord - Vocals and Keys

Adam Doveston - Guitars and Backing Vocals

Richard Hadley - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Jason Doveston - Bass

Jarlath McCaughery - Drums


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