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German Viking metal band Asenblut have walked this earth since their debut back in 2009 when they released the anthemic album ‘Aufbruch’. Their journey has seen the release of two other albums whilst they developed into the snarling wolf that we see enter 2018 with the release of ‘Legenden’.


Working with Seeb Leevermann of Greenman Studios, the band have re-worked some older material and staked a claim in the premier league of Viking/melodic metal alongside such behemoths as Amon Amarth and the folk metal greats Ensiferum.

Asenblut’s pack consists of Deimos (Bass), Balrogh (Drums), Tetzel (Vocals), Claus Cleinkrieg and Yuri (Guitars). They are tight, full-on and anthemic. The material is frenetic with double kick and thundering bass, twin guitar work to drive the melodic side and growling, bellowing alpha male vocals. This is a master class in power and passion!


‘Legenden’ opens with ‘Die Legende’ – a bombastic delivery that features tempo changes, guitar melodies and a punchy vocal delivery. The riff work is sublime and the guitar solo is tastefully delivered. The song writing and composition is bang on and leads us to the re-worked ‘Heldenburde’ – last released back in 2009. Comparing and contrasting the older release to this tells the listener how far the band has come. It’s fiercer, more intense and the production more polished.


The band’s name is enshrined in ‘Asenblut’ – another twin guitar driven anthem that is written to draw the listener to the name. There is no way you won’t join in the growling chorus. The stand out moment in the song is the lift in the pace and delivery after the sounds of battle intertwine with the song. Balrogh’s drumming is on top form here.


Including a cover track on an EP is a bold step but the choice of Manowar’s ‘God or Man’ works. This version captures the style of Manowar without losing the Asenblut ingredients. Performed in English rather than German, the versatility of the band is clear.


The closing track on this slab of raw meat is ‘Von Des Verraeters Untergang’, again from the 2009 album. There is a subtle change in approach with this one – a Malmsteen-esque guitar part rips through the opening bars. The gang vocals add to the hymnal quality of the track and bring this outstanding delivery to a crashing end.

If you like your metal big and powerful, you absolutely have to listen to Asenblut. They are mammoth.


Track Listing -

Die Legende


Asenblut (2018)

God or Man (Manowar Cover)

Von Des Verraeters Untergang


‘Legenden’ will be released on 16th February 2018 at the usual outlets.


Check them out at –

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