AT THE SUN - Breathe EP

Matt Jones


Track List:


1. Breathe
2. Walk On Over
3. Devil In Your Eyes
4. Indestructible


Yeah! The only word necessary. I fold my arms, put on some wicked aviators and look sternly at the camera and say... YEAH! This EP is rock n roll at its finest.


AT THE SUN smash down the doors with the opening enticer “Breathe”. A ballsy concoction of fiery riffs mixed with a sultry vocal laced over the caressing rhythm section. All rounded off by a tasty solo that evokes some inner Slash.


“Walk On Over” is the groover of the EP. A slow shuffle, almost Peter Green esque song.  Singer  Harry Dale uses the space within this song to assert his prominence over the sound of this band. Reminding me of some of the great AOR singers like Bobby Kimball and Lou Gramm at times but whilst still retaining that British rock timbre to give it some vitality. This is the one guitar solo I have heard where I don't utterly detest the sound of wah pedal. Used to brilliant effect on this track, tasteful and not tacky. Kudos Mr Guitar man.


My favourite track is the third track “Devil In Your Eyes” without a doubt. This screams a Black Country Communion sort of vibe. I can hear Glenn Hughes all over this track. The vocal is sublime and the instrumentation is complimentary and inventive throughout. “Leave your inhibitions at the door”. Indeed.


Final track “Indestructible” sits on the EP with a joyous diversity to the sound. It wouldn't be out of place on a 90's American rock compilation. The catchiest chorus with a great sense of melody and harmony.


The production on this EP beautifully encapsulates the focal elements of this band. I look forward to seeing them live in future. A brilliant EP with bags of hooks and talent on show.

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