BAD MOON BORN - Chemical Lullabies (EP)



It amazes me in this age of technology that a band as awesome as Bad Moon Born can be so off my radar that for almost 3 years since their formation I am only now finding out about them. How have they gone unnoticed when they deliver such astounding music? Don’t take my word for it though; check out their debut EP ‘Chemical Lullabies’ on Spotify and see for yourself.


Hailing from Sydney, Australia and fronted by Frank Lakoudis Bad Moon Born are going to shake you awake from the very first track on the EP. ‘Promised Land’ starts quite softly, the guitar intro mellow and soothing then BAM! Full on pounding rock and roaring vocals from Frank that ooze sophisticated, mature rock. The pace picks up a little towards the end with some searing guitar solos that shred their way through the music, ripping it up a storm. Title track ‘Chemical Lullaby’ is another scorching track, though not as roaring vocally as the previous, yet musically it hits just as hard with a delicious swaggering rhythm and broodingly heavy bass line delivered by Nick Allen. The rhythm is heavy, maintaining the rock vibe of heavy bass and bludgeoning drums, the rise and fall in the tempo and the hooks really sink their teeth in and don’t let go. Masterfully delivered in every way; lyrically enticing, it’s pretty much got the whole package and I love it.


‘Drowning’ fades in with rapid finger picking before the entrance of the drums and vocals. The rhythm is more subdued throughout the track with a soft and soulful mood, yet maintaining the same level of interest and maturity as the heavy hitters. The choruses are hugely captivating and gracefully delivered with every second of the track dipping in opulently divine musicianship and rousingly infectious vocals.


‘Carry On’ throws you back into the hard rock with explosive drums from John Ezilmez and blazing guitars from Voya and Ned Koncar that will ignite the new wave of rock in even the most hardened of rock critics. Powerful and striking this track belongs on the big stage, thrilling fans in their thousands. I have no doubt that Bad Moon Born have a plethora of talent just waiting in the background ready to catapult them all the way to the top in the rock industry.


‘Beauty & Fury’ is the final track on the EP and its balladesque offering of smoothly emotive vocals, huge riffs and anthemic delivered choruses that will tantalise your ear drums. It feels huge in presence as it soars through the speakers and wraps me up in what I can only describe as euphoric hard rock ballad ecstasy... it’s so friggin good!! I’d like to say it’s my favourite on the EP but in truth I can’t choose between any of the tracks as the whole EP is, quite simply put, amaze balls!


Don’t waste another second listening to the same stuff that the radio stations churn out day in day out. Yes, the old school rock is what you’re familiar with, yes they’re all awesome in their own right but seriously, listen to these guys, change your listening habits, get on the new wave of rock music rollercoaster, hold on enjoy the ride and rock your flippin butts off!


Bad Moon Born are:

Frank Lakoudis - Vocals

Voya - Guitar

Ned Koncar - Guitar

Nick Allen - Bass

John Ezilmez - Drums


Track List:

Promised Land

Chemical Lullaby


Carry On

Beauty & Fury


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