BAD SOLUTON - The War Within

Lindsay Smith-Boam


The debut album of London hard metal band, Bad Solution was released on the 4th August.  Following on the success from their 2015 EP Self Destruct, the band said "We really look forward to playing more shows and releasing more singles. We had such an incredible response to our debut EP; we can't wait for this new album to be unleashed on the world!"


The band, Alex Willox, lead vocals, Trix, Guitar, Mariusz Chojnowski, Guitar, Wojtek Suberlak, Bass and Joe Patterson, Drums have indeed unleashed the album and delivered the goods. 


“Drowning” is a stunning opener and leaves little doubt that this album is going to be a full on angry assault.  The track is packed out with full on beats, fuzzing bass and wonderful riffs packed with snarly aggression before slowing and becoming more melodic.   


“Nothing (You Don't Know Me)” has a glorious melodic vocal showcasing the range and colour in Alex’s voice. “Demon In My Bed” – full on angst – a very angry track and very angry lyrics.  “Self Destruct” a beautiful piano with orchestral echoes lifting the spirits before the riffs and chunky beat kick out the light. 


“Echoes Of The Cry” again demonstrating a great vocal range and rich tones in the almost Ballard like track.  I love this one and it is very much a stand out track – brilliantly constructed smouldering and simmering and a delight for the ears. 


“The Last Lie” lyrics dark and angry with almost screaming vitriolic vocals and guttural guitars leading to the delicious “Desert Rock” with its Eastern flavours wrapping themselves into a snarly heavy bass and catchy melodies, fast paced, rampant and very infectious. 


Back to the darkness with “Dear Sarah” powerful hard metal – aggressive with nasty riffs and a guttural growl.  The powerful lyrics depicting the story of the murder of a young girl.  “FOD” and “White Washed” both full of thrashing angry riffs, fuzz filled bass lines filled out with superbly aggressive drumming.


A seriously hard and aggressive album tackling some seriously hard topics but doing it rather well.


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