Baleful Creed - Seismic Shifter

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


Baleful Creed are from Northern Ireland and have been around since 2009 producing three good EP’s and a first LP (2014) consisting of tracks from their last two EP’s remastered and mixed.  Their new LP, full of new material, is eagerly anticipated and I for one am interested to see if Fin Finlay (vocals/guitar), John Allen (guitar), Davey Greer (bass/vocals) and Dave Jeffers have come up with the goods.


‘Devil’s Side’ – Wow what an intro!  I’m hooked into the track from the first 8 bars! Heavy crashing drumming, heavier riffs, gravel rich vocal. Mid-paced, musically tight, I love it!


‘Memento Mori’, the bass plodding heavily in the background so nice to hear and sets a darker tone sitting akin to groovy grimy guitars and a gruff but gloriously bluesy voice.


‘Levy’, these guys like their intros – another fantastic opening.  Again, I can hear that lovely chugging bass sitting in the track keeping time and some wonderful groove.  Good lyrics interspersed with good guitars, there is nothing not to like.


‘God’s Fear’ is straight in – no messing about again that lovely bass sitting in the tune not below it – it gives a whole deep down dirty feel to a gloriously good track. Easy riffs and deliciously rich vocal.  


‘Grind’ so many more gritty dirty riffs together with sleazy lyrics, this is a cracking track.  Check out the riffs which soar and sing before returning you back to the low strumming of Mr Greer’s bassline.


‘Faux Celebrity’, hard hitting, rhythmic drumming and a continuation of the deliciousness that is the combination of great dual guitars, lovely groovy bass and catchy lyrics.


‘Walking Wounded’,  thudding, slow tempo, pissed off guitars rumbling below and whipping it up to a rumbling, ear worm, brain pleasing track.  A dark, gloomy anger to the lyrics and vocal. Throw in a few more soaring riffs and we’ve got another bloody marvellous sounding track.


‘Lose Religion’ faster paced and a lyric which resonates with its clarity which is allowed to come through with the delivery of a very pissed off vocal – almost devoid of emotion but showing the feel of the track very cleverly.

‘Forgiven’ with its rumbling bass and rhythmic drumming keeping time and allowing the vocal to take the lead – another well thought out, strong tune.


‘The Wolf’ more melodic in its vocal and riffs running through.  Building and hitting the heights as the best track of the album with its feet firmly planted in rock.  Musically the changes in pace take the track to a high level and the beautiful riffs together with that continual bass and hard drumming pulsing and pounding, pull together1 a wonderful closing track making me want to hit repeat on the whole album.


This album was a pleasure to review.  I liked their first self-titled album and this one has not disappointed me at all.  Billed as Hard Rock, it has huge rhythmic blues grooves running throughout with that gorgeous bass and Fin’s, gargled razorblades washed down with whiskey, gravelly rich vocal, treating my ears and leaving the album with feet in many a genre for me.  Clever lyrics, gorgeous duel guitars, riffs galore and the ability to keep the musical identity of the band, while showing different styles, is very impressive and shows a real maturity and cohesiveness in both the song writing and musicianship.  No frills just a really complete, enjoyable album from a really good band.


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