BEACHWOOD COYOTES - 'Face To Face' & 'Tired Of Rolling My Eyes' (Singles)



Although reminiscent of an 80’s retro new wave vibe (with traces of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, A Flock of Seagulls), Los Angeles-based band Beachwood Coyotes (Lead Vocals/Guitar: Jason Nott; Bass: Drew Smith; Drums: Bryan King; Lead Guitar: Yan Clermont) still offer their own fresh style of modern synth pop sensibilities in “Face To Face” and “Tired Of Rolling My Eyes”.


In the world of smart phones, selfies and social media, the song lyrics from each track addresses how we have lost the art of having a “Face To Face” conversation, and also produces a classic line in the song “Tired of Rolling My Eyes”… “If we’re looking away, we’re not changing a thing.” Despite the luscious synth soundscapes in each track with tight harmonies and polished production, the rawness of the storyline in each song offers a paradox that we should take notice of, as both these issues predominates in our society today.  Definitely worth a listen and a band to pick up on.


Check out their new music video for Face To Face HERE or below:

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