BIGFOOT - Self Titled Debut Album

Morag Farley


Bigfoot, a Wigan based 5-piece hard rock band got together in 2014, and since then have been touring continually making a name for themselves on the live circuit and building a loyal fanbase here in the UK.  They have appeared in numerous festivals, playing tracks from their two EPs. Sales of those have done well at their gigs. After striking a deal with Frontiers records, Bigfoot have wasted no time in getting into the recording studio to produce their debut album.


With 11 tracks, this album gives Bigfoot the chance to really get their name out there. It is real ass kicking hard rock with melodic themes running through the guitar based music. The album opens with ‘Karma’ and you are immediately aware of the powerful vocals of Antony Ellis supported by the twin guitars of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh. Together they make a sound which will really have you hooked in. With ‘The Fear’, and ‘Tell me a Lie’, the band takes you to another level, so turn up the volume and settle down for a couple of thunderous tracks. These two tracks, plus the next one are already available on Spotify. I can highly recommend you have a listen.


‘Forever Alone’ is a riff based power ballad with simply stunning and emotional vocals building to a huge anthem. Before you have time to catch your breath, the album flows beautifully and precisely into the head pounding melodic rock of ‘Eat your Words’ and another great anthem ‘Prisoner of War’. 


Track 7 - ‘Freak Show’ brings an altogether different sound. With tempo changes and a thunderous rhythm section the next few minutes will have your feet tapping and your head banging! ‘I Dare You’ has a drum solo intro and the heavy bass holds the mix of styles and sounds - even a brief reggae riff!


As the album moves flawlessly on, ‘The Devil in Me’ and ‘Uninvited’ brings more superb guitar work before the final track, ‘Yours’ turns the tempo right down for another ballad as a quiet finale that makes the most of the dual guitars and top notch vocals.


Lyrically and musically, this is an album the band are right to be very proud of. Taking these songs out on the road will expand their fan base, as the performances of their guitar based hard rock are absolutely storming.


The debut album is out on 13th October at the following places:


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Amazon Vinyl


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Antony Ellis - Lead Vocals
Sam Millar  Guitar
Mick McCullagh  Guitar
Matt Avery  Bass
Tom Aspinall - Drums


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