BLACK COFFEE are a hot new band from Ohio, formed in 2017, who quickly found their chemistry and began songwriting and performing. The power trio take their inspiration mainly from ‘60s and ‘70s melodic rock, creating vintage-infused fresh new sounds. Take One is their debut album and is out now.


'Creamer' is a 43 second appetiser with lush vocals, melodic and building to be more urgent, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It's a tasty little snippet and sets the mood for what's to come. 'I Barely Knew Her' has a forceful drum beat pulsing throughout the ‘70s classic rock style track with grinding riffs and a deep, resonant vocal. The guitar solo sets the pace of the album; slick and stylish.


'Hurricane' kicks off with driving riffs and screaming vocals that would make a bat's ears bleed. This is fast and blistering, fully caffeinated, delivering a tempo injection and some impressive shredding. The pace and style reminds me of 'Warning' by Inglorious, high octane and rapid fire, garnering some of the best bits of the ‘70s genre and total fun. The balls-to-the-wall attitude and face-melting vocals made me sit up and take notice (with my mouth open, catching flies…)
'Monica' opens with funky riffs and lends a more textured vocal, sounding more passionate and affective but still melodic as fuck. This is a catchy and kick-ass song with a killer hook. The band keep the heat coming with 'Born To Lie', with an early AC/DC Bon Scott-era feel, familiar in style but in 3D and bringing the music to life in a way not many are able.
'The Traveler' is a gorgeous ballad with acoustic guitar and haunting melodies, overlaid with tortured vocals; not a power ballad, not a boring or samey old love song, but a ballad with a kick for the end of drunken, debaucherous nights when you're ready to kick back. This is my track of the album.


'Psychedelic Red' has a delicious retro guitar, funky as hell, and cowbell - what more could you need! The band chants of "oh oh oh" don’t move me but I do like this track, more a filler than a single in my opinion, with more punchy riffage and another rousing guitar solo.


'Fade' puts me in mind of early GnR with factor 30 Axl in place, the vocal not quite as powerful but a similar style and powerful enough to make a mark, gritty and a little dirty. This song has a vibrant ‘80s flair and I love it. The album closes (far too soon #sadface) with 'Away', which draws the experience to a close nicely. The song starts with a gentle guitar and climbs til it picks up the baton and runs the f*** off. The bass is intense, and when the track picks up the pace it becomes exciting and intoxicating, a great track to complete a stand-out debut.


'Take One' is brimming with influences from Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin yet having the effect of making classic rock feel fresh and exciting again. There is a current surge of interest in this genre of rock and I hope Black Coffee can make themselves heard as it's well worth listening to. If you like vintage rock n roll, classic rock or whatever you want to label it, give this a listen. It'll stay on my playlist.
I Barely Knew Her
Born To Lie
The Traveler
Psychedelic Red
Ehab Omran - Bass/Vocals
Justin Young - Guitar
Tommy McCullough - Drums




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