BLACK KING COBRA - Law Of Attraction (EP)


Still a relatively new band on the circuit, Black King Cobra have already made a couple of line-up changes since their debut EP in 2017. This new release is their follow up EP ‘Law of Attraction’, featuring new boys Stephen Buggy on drums, and Robert Kennedy picking up the bass.


With the release party on 3rd August at Glasgow’s legendary King Tuts already sold out, the ticket sales just go to show the following this band have already started to acquire, they are building on excellent foundations, having already opened festivals such as last years’ Wildfire and Winterstorm, and opened for those other Glasgow freshmen Anchor Lane.


The new material carries on with the heavy funk rock that is now their distinctive trademark sound. Callum Moran is already proving to be an outstanding lyricist, with a voice that can melt butter one moment, then shatter crystal the next, yet, for such a talented individual, when you meet him, he still comes across as a down to earth guy, who appreciates fans feedback, and is always up for a chat about music.


Callum effortlessly opens the EP with ‘Shiver’ as if he’s singing in his own kitchen, making a cup of tea. Then when the bass and drum lift the tempo, Callum makes this haunting melody burst into life, stretching his range to its limits. The funk fades in and out from Ross Clarks’ lead guitar, and the drums provide a constant heavy staccato of sound with the occasional offbeat to give an almost jazzy lick to the basic funk of this track.


The riffs start loud and heavy for a change on the second song in, and, when the vocals begin in a slightly distorted subdued fashion, ‘Quake’ begins with a dark foreboding feel to it. But like the sun bursting through storm clouds, once again, the distinctive powerful vocals totally change the atmosphere, and lift the chorus to a clear shrilling crescendo, until, like a rollercoaster at the peak of its climb, we are plunged back into the darkness of fuzzy guitars and deep bass. A well-produced track that allows everyone in the band to stretch their repertoire and let themselves be heard, without drowning out their fellow musicians.


Black King Cobra seem to have mastered mixing up heavy beats with heady vocals, and combining funky basslines with hard rocking drums. As I’ve already mentioned, they have already formed their own distinctive sound, and are rapidly gaining fans and plaudits from their fellow musicians. The third track ‘Ball and Chain’ pulls all the aforementioned sounds and rhythms together to form a beautifully melodic, catchy song, that will stick in your head all day.


Final track ‘Harvest Moon’ again combines that hard rocking, almost metal background with the unmistakable soothing melodic vocals from Moran. This time, throwing everything they’ve got into the mix for a rousing finale. A thumping bassline, crashing cymbals, howling vocals, and big riffing guitar.


From the first time I saw Black King Cobra in 2017, opening Winterstorm to a rapidly filling Troon town hall, we could see that this was a band that were going places, and this second EP justifies the praise and attention they are receiving. Like a juggernaut gathering momentum, these guys will be impossible to stop once they hit high gear.


EP Track list:



Ball and Chain

Harvest Moon


Band Members:

Stephen Buggy - Percussion
Robert Kennedy - Bass Guitar
Ross Clark - Electric Guitar
Callum Moran - Vocals


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