BLACK KING COBRA - Mr. Dependable (Single)



Black King Cobra is a groove rock band based in Glasgow. The band came together in 2016 when long time mates Steve Todd and Johnny Keel decided to form a band, and joined together with guitarist Ross Clark and vocalist Callum Moran.


The track launches straight into what soon becomes evidently a blistering, beast of a song.  How have I not discovered these guys before now?! Moran has a powerful, soulful voice which is highly-listenable and reminds me a tad of Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons. There are southern rock and bluesy aspects to the song, and the momentum changes with deceptive ease. The whole sound is stirring, impassioned, and makes my whole body move of its own accord (in a good way of course).


The rhythm section is very strong and the bass is hella cool! The vocals are unyielding in their intensity, even as the track slows beautifully at 2:40 before bursting back into a fierce chorus. And the guitar at 3:30 is big league. The lyrics are great too; nothing too shabby here at all! Just as Moran sings "I'm about to explode" you can feel the energy of the whole band vibrating. I need to see this band live now please… I don’t wanna go home!


Nominated for band of the year via Great Music Stories and appearing at Winter Storm this weekend, the guys say it best really "Hold onto your hats 2018, we're coming for  you…"


9.5/10  Love it! Need it!


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