Black Rose Cadillac - The Devil's Road (Single)

By Lindsay Smith-Boam


I think we are all getting pretty familiar with midland based rockers Black Rose Cadillac and the great music they have treated us to with their last few releases.


The 5 piece are well known for their energetic riffs, vocal hooks and catchy lyrics and they have yet again hit the mark with another great sounding track.


‘The Devil’s Road’ opens with a grimy guitar riff leading you into a hard rock journey, with passionate vocals and gritty guitars walloping your ear drums together with the powerful rhythmic drumming from Ben Kirk and bad-ass bass from Richard Clark ,making head-nodding along in agreement compulsory.


I was held throughout by the riffs running through from Simon Hawkes and Myles Cooper on guitars, a heady mix with so much energy forcing me along ‘The Devil’s Road’.


With a mixture of strong lyrical content and an almost angry despairing vocal from Ryan Hulme, the chorus reverberates in your head long after the track finishes.  I can’t wait to see this performed live!


This review actually only needed one sentence – Black Rose Cadillac – The Devil’s Road – Awesome….

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