Black Star Bullet - Our Own Noise

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Hailing from Coventry, this 4-piece have been around for over 10 years and have received airplay worldwide. Recognition across the live circuit and success at many festivals followed the release of their self-titled first LP in April 2014 and now their new LP ‘Our Own Noise’ is about to be released.


The band are:

Trev Goddard, Vocals/Guitar

Andy Tite, Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Martin Hughes, Bass /Backing vocals

Gav Hunt, Drums


‘Our own noise’ is a riff heavy opening track with strong lyrics and a strong musical performance from the guys. You can sense good old Rock’n’Roll running through this bands veins.


‘Catch The Bus’ is a strong, heavy melodic track giving the opportunity for head nodding and toe tapping in abundance, with a bass line to keep the pace and soaring riffs dancing around throughout topped with a good vocal.


‘Breathe’ is a riotously riff laden track from the word go.  Great lyrics and a galloping vocal together with serious skin bashing makes this a cracking fast paced track until a slight lull allowing you to catch your breath and which is bound to be a great pleaser live. 


‘Demons’ has a cracking angry toned vocal from Trev more gravel in his voice showing its depth and delivers an almost menacing feel.  Melodic riffs galore and great lyrics run through it.


‘Love’ starts with thumping bass and drums which keep pulsing under the lyric until the big guitars come in blazing and taking the track up another gear before easing up then escalating up again.  Repeated lyrics will make this track a great singalong for fans even those hearing it for the first time.  Simple vocal but a very well-constructed track. 


‘Shut Up and Listen’ very melodic and catchy throwing me back to 80’s influences with its almost ‘Pop’ feel.


‘Set in Stone’ is an interesting track – one minute vocally lead, then lovely rhythm and guitar riffs pull it in different directions arranging it into something completely different from the opening feel.  Nicely done!


‘Driving Around In My Car’ has a familiar sound something crossed from Green Day and the Foos, full of energy.


‘Storm’ starts with a heavy southern Blues guitar, a cracking vocal and is a really great rock and roll track. Personal opinion is that this sound suits Trev’s voice more and makes this song stand out from many on this album.


‘Look it in the Eye’ finishes off the album with a cracking blues inspired tune.  Heavy thudding drumming marching on below the guitars and harmonica.  They all sound like they are having fun musically and for me, the best tune on the album.  Great togetherness in the sound, great pace, great vocal, great lyrics.


The album is filled with punchy, slap in the face riff roaring tracks and has a lovely live feel to it, lots of variety to the styles of the tracks. Nicely produced, the sound is spot on and obviously that of a band who know how to write and play. I love the more ‘Rock and Blues’ feel to some of the tracks and I think Trev’s vocal suits this style more than the perhaps more commercial feeling lighter tracks, but perhaps it is the variety that would make me buy this album.  I will definitely catch these guys live soon.



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