BLACK TREE VULTURES - Sanity Isn't Perfect (EP)



Raw, determined enthusiasm litters the debut EP “Sanity Isn’t Perfect’ from Bournemouth rockers Black Tree Vultures. And they have a seriously cool name for a band too!


Forming in January 2017 BTV have managed to secure a support slot with Snakecharmer on Saturday 27th January at The Talking Heads in Southampton, and they seem to be moving from strength to strength. There’s a raw enthusiasm within the EP that whispers of promise for the future though there’s a rough edge that needs to be filed away in order for them to move along the industry line.


‘Overrule Me’ starts the EP off with a heavy classic rock feel, the grizzly guitars and harsh vocals ringing out with a gnarly edge and a few squealies thrown in for good measure to secure the rawness, “It’s enough to make your boom boom yearn!” - interesting lyrics, add into the mix some spoken vocals and you’ve got a raging rock song on your hands. ‘Holly Vultures Day Dream’ starts off with the same spoken vocals from Celyn Beynon before the music kicks in fully, though the ‘hey... hey’ that meanders its way through the track seems a little overused in my opinion, maybe if it were delivered with a bit more honed fury then it would sound better. Nevertheless, it’s a fast paced, energy infused track with a lot of moving and shaking moments to it, add to that a sprinkle of commanding riffage from Aaron Hammersley that will keep you hooked in.


‘Doom Of Malakai’ has the same old school classic rock feel to it, a groove-laden bass heavy feel with fast paced lyrics that deliver a sense of urgency to the song. Great track musically with some noteworthy riffs but the vocals seem a little too raw and ragged on this one for me. ‘My Filthy Redhead’ attacks from the offset with booming drums from Jonno Smyth and ripping riffs before the vocals ‘yeeaaaahhhhh!’ kick in. Again, there’s a rough and raw feel to the vocals that seem too rugged for me, though I do love the interjection of those squealies throughout the track while the riffs continue to hold my attention until the end; I can feel the enthusiasm of the band oozing through my speakers.


‘Thanks For The Memories’ is the final track on the EP and it certainly brings the EP to a great conclusion. Heavy from the start with a slathering of fuzzy guitars and booming bass rhythm from Coner Stace that gives this track an edge over the others for me. As a whole this debut EP isn’t breaking down any musical barriers but it’s certainly laying testament to the fact that these guys have a twinge of something that if nurtured and matured correctly, could lead to bigger things in the future.


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Black Tree Vultures are:

Celyn Beynon - Lead vocals

Aaron Hammersley - Lead guitar

Coner Stace - Bass Guitar

Jonno Smyth - Drums


Track List:

Overrule Me

Holly Vultures Daydream

Doom Of Malakai

My Filthy Redhead

Thanks For The Memories

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