Blackmore's Night 'To The Moon And Back: 20 Years And Beyond...'

Jayson Burns


With the twentieth anniversary of Blackmore’s Night comes a two-disc exploration of their ‘renaissance rock’ career including old and new material. Comprising of rock-god Ritchie Blackmore and his multi-instrumentalist wife, Candice Night (see where they got their name from?) ‘To The Moon And Back: 20 Years And Beyond…’ is released on 18th August.


The three new songs included are ‘Ghost Of John’ (which completes the family affair by featuring the couple’s 6 year old daughter Autumn Blackmore’s vocals towards the end of the song), a journey to the Last Night of the Proms with ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and an improbable, but nevertheless effective reworking of arguably Blackmore’s finest rock hour, ‘I Surrender’ given an upbeat-folk treatment and a sweet vocal performance from Night.


In addition, there are Blackmore’s Night mainstays like ‘Ghost Of A Rose’, ‘Shadow Of The Moon’, ‘Under A Violet Moon’ and a live performance of ‘Home Again’ and re-recorded versions of ‘Coming Home’, ‘Writing On The Wall’, ‘Somewhere Over The Sea’ and the Mike Oldfield classic ‘Moonlight Shadow’.


As an introduction to this folk rock with a medieval flavour, particularly for those who associate Blackmore with the screaming guitars of his days with Deep Purple and Rainbow, this is an excellent entry into a baroque landscape without forking out too much lute!


Full track listing:


CD 1:

01. Shadow Of The Moon

02. Spirit Of The Sea

03. Renaissance Faire

04. Play Minstrel Play

05. Under A Violet Moon

06. Spanish Nights

07. Fires At Midnight

08. Ghost Of A Rose

09. Cartouche

10. Village Lanterne

11. The Circle

12. 25 Years

13. Dandelion Wine

14. Home Again (live)


CD 2:

01. I Surrender (bonus track)

02. Moonlight Shadow (2017 version)

03. Somewhere Over The Sea (2017 version)

04. Writing On The Wall (2017 version)

05. Coming Home (2017 version)

06. Ghost Of John (bonus track)

07. Minstrel Hall

08. Possum Goes To Prague

09. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus

10. Nur eine Minute

11. Village Dance

12. Land Of Hope And Glory (2017 single version)

13. Bonus Video


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