BLITZ - Miss America (Single)



Big drums and guitar open the latest single, 'Miss America', from Nottingham's BlitZ. The familiar gnarly vocals of Stuart Corden take us on a nostalgic trip to ‘80s American stadium rock with a catchy repetitive chorus and memorable lyrics, in a song which is instantly satisfying in fighting mediocrity.


After a number of years gigging under their belt and a well-received EP, Blitz released their self-titled debut full length album on 1st January 2018 to some great reviews. They continue to record new music and this is their second new single in the last few months.


At around 3 and a half minutes the track changes pace and introduces a pummelling beat with catchy riffs, effective in making the track stand out and the listener sit up and take notice. This band continues to forge onwards and upwards and deliver a great sound and a killer show. The track has layers of light and shade and a lush solo, and whilst this might not be earth shattering stuff it is thoroughly enjoyable and sticks in your head.


Band members:

Kevin Simpson - guitar

Stuart Corden - vocals and bass

Mathew Davis - drums




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