BLITZ - Rock City Nights (Single)


A hair-raising vocal seizes your attention, storming forward as the intro to 'Rock City Nights', a power ballad, with its nostalgic hair metal and big stadium sound. Stuart Corden's grizzly vocals are fiercely matched by classy guitars from Kevin Simpson and throbbing drums from Matt Davis in this hook-laden catchy ballad, which is reminiscent of the sound of rock in the ‘80s.


"From the moment the trio played together in an abandoned rehearsal room in Notts the buzz was there." BLITZ are a three piece band from Nottingham, with a flair for adrenaline-fuelled classic rock anthems. And this latest offering doesn’t deviate. These guys give us plenty of riffs, gravelly vocals and anthemic choruses.


Simpson is guitar-savvy and there is a stylish solo, and Corden has a strong presence, his style gruff yet melodic. Davis delivers a powerful beat on drums, and together they pull off a feel-good cheery ballad, with a video full of smiling faces. There are moments of raspy intensity but in all this is not a track full of heartbreak and angst but slick with harmonies and some lush fretwork.


BlitZ released their debut full length album on 1st January 2018, which follows a 7 track mini album and an EP. 'Rock City Nights' is their new single, with a lyric video full of photos of the band with friends and fans, recorded at Axis Studios, and is out now.

FFO hair metal, classic rock, melodic rock.


Band members:

Kevin Simpson - guitar

Stuart Corden - vocals and bass

Mathew Davis - drums



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