BLUES PILLS - Lady In Gold (Live In Paris)



I love the vibe you get from a good live album. Turn it up loud and you could almost be there!


This album by Blues Pills was recorded on the Lady in Gold Tour and has a mix of tracks from their self-titled debut album, their EP ‘Bliss’ and their latest album ‘Lady in Gold’. A perfect combination of songs; delivered in a way that will be a memento to those who were at the show, and which will no doubt evoke a desire in those who were not in attendance to add this band to their bucket list of bands to see.


‘Lady in Gold’ begins with a powerful rich vocal before the music crashes to life with the power and soul of Elin’s voice which just blows everything away. A lovely guitar solo keeps the energy flowing throughout the track. ‘Little Boy Preacher’ is full of soul; ‘Bad Talkers’ has an energy and a cracking rhythm running riot under the melodic vocal. ‘Won’t Go Back’ continues the pace before ‘Black Smoke’ from their first album makes a welcome appearance full of emotional vocals and guitars before picking up pace and ferocity. ‘Bliss’ is one of my favourite Blues Pills tracks and it doesn’t disappoint live. ‘Little Sun’ has a reverberating lone guitar intro and a calm, smooth beauty to the vocal. ‘Elements and Things’ is another high energy track which sounds as good live as in the studio.     

‘You Gotta Try’ is a pure demonstration of the range of Elin’s voice and has a gospel feel to the whole thing. ‘High Class Woman’ has a tempo which engages the crowd and another power driven melodic vocal which pulls in so many rich delights that it’s obscene! ’Ain’t No Change’ is a riff-fest of energy, while ‘Devil Man’ gave me goose-bumps from Elin’s acapella opening.


‘I Felt a Change’ simple keyboards and a stunning vocal are the only things needed for this beautiful song; a lovely stripped back version. With ’Rejection’ the pace is again upped. “Gone So Long’ closes the album in the best way possible. The ranges and tones, the power and the control of the vocal riding along with soaring riffs, groovy bass and smashing drums complimented with the additional keyboards, all making a lasting impression.


I really did feel transported to the gig by the quality of the recording of this album. A great band and a great album! I recommend you go and see the band live on their current tour. For details visit:





Blues Pills are:

Elin Larsson – vocals

Dorian Sorriaux – guitars

Zach Anderson – bass guitar

Andre Kvarnstrom – drums/percussion


Track list:

Lady in Gold

Little Boy Preacher

Bad Talkers

Won’t Go Back

Black Smoke


Little Sun

Elements and Things

You Gotta Try

High Class Woman

Aint No Change

Devil Man

I Felt a Change


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