BOREALIS - Sign Of No Return (Single)



Having started out as a melodic metal band in 2005 with a lead female operatic singer at the helm, Borealis have taken huge leaps in honing their sound to what we hear today. Hailing from Orangeville, Ontario this Canadian 4 piece deliver huge choruses, scorching vocals, solid bass-lines and battering drums that will both excite and soothe you.


Their new single ‘Sign Of No Return’, released 8th February 2018 on AFM Records / Hydrant Music, and taken from the forthcoming album “The Offering’ due for release 23rd March 2018, is a sure fire way of entering into the wonderful world of melodic metal. The soaring vocals of Matt Marinelli are going to make you wonder why it’s taken you so long to appreciate this genre, so if you’re a newbie then feast your ears upon the delights that Borealis have to offer. If like me you’re a seasoned vet in the art form that is melodic metal then get ready for this new track, you’re going to love it.


Starting the track with a fade in keyboard intro of intricate tuneage from Sean Werlick and melodic guitars of Matt Marinelli you’re going to be transported from your living room / car / or wherever it is you’re listening to this track, and find yourself swept up in a 5 minute 5 second tornado (similar to that of Dorothy when she gets swept away into the world of Oz) and catapulted into a world of pure metal symphonic harmony, before being dumped back into your normal day.


The riffs from Marinelli are awesome, while the hammering rhythm section from Sean Dowell on the drums and Trevor McBride on the bass are going to pull you through the track, adding depth and a solid foundation that allows the keys and vocals to soar higher and higher. The lyrics are delivered effortlessly by the powerhouse Marinelli while the astounding riffs that he delivers a third of the way through the track are going to really cause the swirling winds of the tornado to throw you into a melodic frenzy of progressive metal heaven.


I found myself not wanting the track to end. It just simply wasn’t long enough to satisfy my musical needs... I could listen to these guys all day.


If you haven’t yet checked them out, and I think by now you should have at least loaded up YouTube or Spotify ready to delight your ears, then go and do it now. Seriously why are you still reading this?


Borealis are:

Matt Marinelli - Guitars & Vocals

Sean Werlick - Keys

Trevor McBride - Bas

Sean Dowell - Drums


Check out more from the band at the following links:



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