BOUQUET OF DEAD CROWS - Bunched Up Bradley (Single)



And so the story of Bradley begins...

During a much needed respite and some downtime during the recording of their second album, the members of Bouquet of Dead Crows decided upon a friendly game of pool, one dire shot later from Dead Crow Graeme and the misheard statement overheard by Dead Crow Andrew about the balls being ‘bunched up badly’, brought forth the birth of a cheeky, perky chap who goes by the name Bradley. ‘Bunched Up Bradley’, released on May 18th 2018 on German Shepherd Records, is an ode to the legend of Bradley himself, and acts as a reminder to all those that feel a little bunched up themselves that you are not alone in your bunched up feelings... we all feel that way at times I’m sure.

The sound of a clock that speeds up in its tick-tockiness acts as the intro to a track that has energy, oomph and a catchy drum and bass rhythm. Couple that with some crisp, clean inviting vocals, and some cracking guitar riffs and Bouquet Of Dead Crows are onto a winner it would seem.

Hailing from Cambridge and forming in 2013, this quartet deliver well placed hooks and a very likeable musical style. The vocals from Antoinette Cooper are on point and, if this track doesn’t get you up and moving about the house while you busy yourself with your daily tasks then I don’t know what will. Roll down the window in the car and blast it out by all means!

My only criticism, if you can call it that, is that the track isn’t longer. Another verse and chorus wouldn’t have gone amiss here. It’s upbeat feel good alt-rock/pop-rock vibe is just the track for a day when you feel all ‘bunched up’.

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Bouquet of Dead Crows are:
Antoinette Cooper

Neil Bruce

Graeme Clarke

Andrew Coxall

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