BROKEN DEVICE - 'Always Movin' Forward' (Single)

Samantha Lloyd


‘Always Movin’ Forward’ is the new single from Broken Device, due for release on October 5th, 2017. The quartet from Camberley in Surrey formed in 2016 and released their debut EP ‘Rampant Robot’ in December the same year. Their music is a mix of classic rock, metal and hard rock and have many musical influences including Metallica, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath etc, to name but a few.


Here we have a band, fresh out of the starting blocks trying to carve their way through the minefield of new up and coming bands and make it to the winning post. In an industry where you really have to contend for the top slots, push for the gigs that get you noticed and build your momentum and entertain your audience, it is imperative to ensure every single item on the checklist is checked, double checked and beyond reproach.


‘Always Movin’ Forward’ has the potential to be a great track. The vocals from Chris Law are good, he has a good tone, and he is vocally really strong. The bass (Lew Smith) is sturdy and rhythmic and Jim Peterson on the guitar demonstrates some really good guitar skills. That being said I found it extremely difficult to focus on anything except the awfully tinny cymbal and drum track that seems intent on destroying my ear drums. Don’t get me wrong, Ciaran McGrory on the drums maintains a good rhythm and interchanges the beat to keep it interesting, but the production of it needs reworking. I could only stand two complete plays of this single as the drum track gave me a headache. I find it hugely disappointing when I write a review like this because looking at the single as a whole I really think it could be something. 


‘I Want so Much More’ production quality from this single. There are ‘No second chances in this game called life’. Remember that! I see potential here, but only if the production quality takes a huge leap over the finish post.

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