BROKEN  -  Leaving In Silence  (EP)  & Wreck (Single)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Broken are a UK metal band formed in 2010 by bassist Fraser James and guitarist Neil Morris.  The band also consists of Mark Greenwood, drums, Paul Johnson, vocals and Damian Marshall, guitar.

The band have been making a name for themselves on the live circuit, gaining experience from major festivals such as Download (2012 and 2013) and in support slots for ‘Sacred Mother Tongue’, ‘Sensor’, ‘In Me’, ‘Falling Red’, ‘Tigers of Pan Tang’ and ‘The More I See’.


Broken self-released their EP in September 2014 entitled ‘Walking Tall’. Their video of ‘We Are The Many’ featured many friends of the band including Gail Porter and Benji Webb (Skindred).

Their new EP ‘Leaving In Silence’ features six tracks and the bands new single ‘Wreck’ and ‘Go To Hell’ has also been recently released.


‘Leaving in the Silence’ has a delightful opening riff, fast paced rap leading through to melodic vocals, a nice angry track with a soaring clarity to riffs and rumbling groovy bass.  A stunning track for the mash up of rap and metal leading into the full-on hardness and shoutiness of ‘In the Blink of an Eye’.  So many vocal styles all thrown in the pot and swirled up deliciously, another great track.


‘179’ aggressive guitars and an even more aggressive vocal taking that heavy driving beat and ploughing it into ‘Bring Me Blood’ – with that title – it’s not going to be a ballad! Dark opening and a heaviness descending, thrusting you down into the vocal which at times has some stunning bluesy tones from Paul clamouring to hit the surface before the metal sinks it back down.


‘In The Light of Day’ has a calmness and lightness which draws you in and lulls you into a false sense of tranquillity before the track explodes into another melting pot of snarling riffs, grimy bass and vocal styles.  This is a really great track and I found myself playing it over and over.  Awesome! ‘Built to Obey’ is carried by its fast pace, crashing drums and delicious bass rumblings. 


The fast-paced rapping together with the aggression of the anger in the death metal voice, blend cleverly together and combine this with tight riffs, a rumbling bass and technically tight drumming, it gives the listener a truly enjoyable metal offering and a welcome addition to the playlists.


‘Wreck’ begins with strong opening riffs and more machine gun fast rap.  Lots of head nodding to this one – great underlying drum beat too.  As the lyrics unfurl through the different vocal styles, you can’t help but listen hard and feel yourself getting immersed into the storytelling.  Changes in pace accentuating the riffs and this is a good strong track and a worthy single release together with ‘Go to Hell’ Buckets full of metal stunningly hard and heavy!  I found myself listening to the guitars riffing beautifully below the vocal which at times gets very shouty – let’s hear those delicious tones bleeding through the aggression please.  Two solid tracks which will bring new fans to the party I’m sure.


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