Question: How do you follow up on a very successful debut album released at the end of last year?

Answer:  There is never any guarantee, even with loyal fans waiting with baited breath that the second full album will achieve the same level of critical acclaim that the likes of the self-titled Broken Witt Rebels album did in 2017.


So perhaps that is why the band decided to play safe, and reverted back to releasing an EP, just to take the edge off the anticipation by throwing in a couple of old favourites and showcasing some new material.


Sticking with the heavy blues, southern rock that we all love about the Rebels, it’s good to hear they haven’t changed too much in the way they ply their trade.


The Snake Eyes EP opens with the title track, sounding like it was brewed and served unfiltered in deepest southern Birmingham Alabama, rather than Birmingham UK. Danny Cores vocals have been strip waxed and power washed to produce a growl that would scare a grizzly. Comparisons can’t be ignored to the likes of Kings of Leon, especially in second of the remastered tracks ‘Wait For You’. A beautifully crafted heavy ballad, that sounds like a shiver looking for a spine to tingle.


So, to the new material, ‘Bang, Bang’ is again dominated by Cores amazing vocals, sounding more southern than Colonel Saunders, laid down over a fuzzy guitar, with a heavy percussion, and interspersed with a bit of slide guitar in the background. Living up to expectation, and carrying on where they left off, if this is just a taste of things to come, my mouth is already watering.


Final track on the EP is the slow bluesy, heavy grinding, love song ‘Turn Me On’ that also shouts Turn Me Up! As this one deserves to be played loud to appreciate the pure soulful blues in the heart wrenching lyrics.


This EP achieves on several levels, it will tide fans over until a full length album is released, and it’s also a good introduction for new listeners to sample some old, and some new material, and perhaps encourage people out to see them on tour this autumn in England, Wales and Europe. But I can’t help feeling it’s too damn short!


Track List for Snake Eyes:

Snake Eyes

Wait For You

Bang Bang

Turn Me On


Band Members

Danny Core - Vocals & Rhythm guitar;
Luke Davis - Vocals & Bass;
James Tranter - Vocals & Lead Guitar;
James Dudley - Drums & Percussion


About The Band:

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