Buffalo Summer - Second Sun

Cerys Rhiannon


Rockin' all the way from Wales is the kickarse Buffalo Summer, bringing you quality rock n' roll.


Released in 2016, Second Sun, is Buffalo Summer's latest album with southern, blues and classic rock influences running throughout from classic artists such as Led Zeppelin and Free. This is definitely a band not to be missed!


Track one 'Money', kicks off Second Sun with its strong vocals from Andrew Hunt and killer guitar riffs rocking from Jonny Williams. Gareth's drums are dominant at the start of 'As High As The Pines' giving a great introduction to a great track. A bluesy slide guitar features at the start of 'Levitate' calling all southern rock and blues fans. Fantastic rhythm and bass is brought by Darren King in 'Into Your Head' and 'Little Charles', this gem also features awesome use of the wah wah pedal!


Buffalo Summer have dates lining themselves up right, left and centre so be sure to bag yourself a ticket via their website HERE and don't forget to check them out on Facebook , Twitter , Spotify and Instagram.

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