Lindsay Smith-Boam


 Gary Moat, drummer with Scots rockers Heavy Pettin’ still has an obvious desire to rock and roll, and with his new band Burnt Out Wreck which he formed in 2016, he shows us that he is still intent on making great new music.   


This single release ‘Flames’ from the album ‘Swallow’ released in February this year, gives a wonderful revisit to the classic rock days.


Motley Crue, Cinderella, Bon Scott all come to mind as a smile crossed my face when I first heard this track, but does it sound dated or an attempt to turn the clock back? – not at all!  ‘Flames’ is sheer enjoyment –melodic rock at its finest with big riffs and a highly catchy, fist in the air chorus.

Gary has an amazing classic voice often likened to Bon Scott but with a more blues tone and the vocal performance on this song is quite simply awesome!  The experienced musicians who make up the band only add to the completeness of a rather good track.


Adrian Dunn on lead guitar delivers clean riffs by the truck load admirably supported by Miles Goodman on rhythm guitar and the bottom end is held up equally well by Alex Carmichael on bass and Paul Gary on drums. 


‘Flames’ has a classic rock feel with a modern edge.  I’m still smiling….

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