BURY THE TRAITOR   -   Heads Down, Thumbs Up (Single)



Bury The Traitor hail from Derby and must have ignited from a spark - spat from the flames of nearby Donnington back in 2016. They have set fire to the live circuit since their last release of the EP ‘Anchored’ and have turned up the temperature again with the  release of ‘Heads Up, Thumbs Down’.


This five piece play an intense, tight and powerful blend of metal core and hardcore metal, citing their influences among such dealers of metal as Killswitch Engage and Trivium. Their ability is evident and the musicianship is pure molten steel.


Opening with the haunting screech of an eagle, vocalist Oli Loewenbach gets us calibrated with his growled bellow of ‘Open Your Mind’. The temperature lifts immediately with the crisp and punchy rhythm work of James Cordall on drums and Martyn Emmett on bass. Scott Day and Martyn Sheridan add to this smouldering foundation and compliment each other’s guitar work, swapping chunky picked lines with growling riffs.


The song challenges our views on society and how we are complicit in the situation we find ourselves in but suggests we have hope through action. Heavy stuff! The song moves through a range of pace and cadence and the addition of Martyn Sheridan’s vocals provide the counterpoint to Loewenbach giving a more melodic approach that emphasis the power and fury of the main vocals.


This is a sublime release and builds on the earlier EP. I’m confident that the band has what it takes to shine in the competitive world of metalcore. As the title suggests, this definitely gets the Thumbs Up from us!

Bury The Traitor – Heads Down, Thumbs Up was released on 26th January 2018.


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