CAELO - Visions (EP)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Caelo are an alternative rock trio from South Africa, their first EP, ‘Visions’ was released on the 4th September.


Joel Bronner, Vocals /Guitars, Michael Dickens – Drums /Vocals, Matthew Winfield – Bass /Vocals have shown an ability to draw you in to listen hard to their music with their debut offering.  


Lone guitars and a light vocal begin ‘Visions’, drums and catchy chanting kick in as the music increases, symbols crashing as the music continues to build, leading in some great guitar riffs.  The track expands and grows into a big feeling track.  It reminds me of something but can’t quite put my finger on it. 


‘Renegades’ synthesized guitars, crashing drums and a strong vocal immediately call to mind ‘Royal Blood’.  Not a bad comparison in my book!  Changes in pace and the layers of vocals help to find a slightly different feel to some sections of the track.


‘All You Need’ is very upbeat and has an energetic pace.  I can’t help but feel that although the track is head noddingly, toe tappingly good all I can think about is the Foos. Is that a bad thing?


‘Catacombs’ however is a really strong track, the best by far on this EP.  Layers of vocals riding over a solid rhythm all mashed together to give an energetic vibe. More pace changes and catchy hooks give this track and Caelo a definite identity.


The EP show significant signs of promise from these guys.  Musical influences are often visible with many bands and I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing, more of a progression and evolution towards the band developing their own style and sound more, they certainly have the ability if 'Catacombs' is anything to go by!


I will await their full album with interest. 


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