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So, this is going to be a review slightly differing from those we usually do, and that is due to more than one of the team wanting to review this particular album. It would appear that Cairo Son is a popular choice at The Gig Gals HQ, and being one of those that has claimed the review, I can assure you that there are very good reasons why.


'Storm Clouds' is the second album to be released by London trio, Cairo Son. Released in March 2016, they fuse Rock, Grunge, Stoner and Blues, and have created a deliciously dark sound which when enveloped by brutally honest and hard hitting lyrics, leaves you with no doubt that these guys mean business.

TGWTC: Since buying and hearing this album last March, it's rarely out of my stereo as I love it. Six tracks of dark storminess hit my soul. I was captivated by the riffs and I am hooked for life by the lyrics.


'Lost In The Shadow' is the opening track for this album, and has a hypnotic quality. It's deep and has a rhythm that draws you in. It has a real epic quality. Magdy's vocals are strong and passionate, allowing you to really feel the lyrics, they resonate deeply within you.

TGWTC: Mesmerising!


Next up is 'Lion In A Cage', and you will quickly come to experience just what a captivating band Cairo Son are. This track starts with a simplistic stripped back sound, which works wonderfully. Enrico & Oded are masters of rhythm, and set the mood, allowing you to tune into the delicious vocal tones. Lyrically Cairo Son are second to none for me. They are incredibly emotive.

TGWTC: Hooktastic!


'Devils Tongue' has an immediate hard rock sound and my interest is captured. "Welcome to the dark side of my mind, no angels here to make things right, the Devils Tongue he whispers in my ear, no angels here to save me, from my fears" Another song bringing a dark stormy quality. You can really hear the grunge, and stoner influences in this track. The melody is seductive. Cairo Son really take you on a journey with every song.

TGWTC: Packing a punch vocals!


Onto the fourth track of the album. 'My Brain' is a vocal led track with the music really kicking in with the choruses. Magdy's vocals have an allure that are difficult to ignore. I don't think I have ever listened to lyrics of new music as intently as what I experienced when listening to Storm Clouds for the first time. Utterly beguiled. 'My Brain' is one of my favourite tracks.

TGWTC: Awesomeness!


The penultimate track is 'Give Me Strength'. A grinding, riff heavy song that again allows the vocals and lyrics to lead the way. This song gives me goosebumps. It's powerful in every sense of the word. Cairo Son's song writing oozes hard hitting truths and pains from moments past. Singing along and belting the lyrics provides you with a release of your own emotions. Superb guitar sounds echo throughout 'Give Me Strength', and leave you wanting more. 

TGWTC: Truth!


Sadly on to the last track of the album, 'Storm Clouds'. Wow! It was worth the wait to hear this track. Much alike their other songs, 'Storm Clouds' tells a story, that you can't help but be drawn into. A slower paced song, but still exuding passion. Strong bass lines guide you, the hard hitting drums ensure you are still listening. The track retains your interest by varying the speed and volume of the music throughout.

TGWTC: Wow! Wow! Wow!



Storm Clouds is a fantastic album with a tempestuous downpour of emotion throughout. Cairo Son have the ability to evoke your senses and awaken your soul, whilst delighting your ears with the most superb sounding rock! I cannot recommend this band highly enough, especially live! See them in London at The Big Red on 21st January supporting Death Valley Knights.   




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