Cardboard HiT - Subject To Status EP

Kahmel Farahani
Cardboard Hit are a new three-piece garage rock band from East Sussex , formed by Singer bass player Ross Towner , guitarist Lee Hayes and  Drummer Matt Rouse.
Kicking off debut ep "Subject To Status" , "Bobby" bounces about like a garage full of students after class, with its jangly riff and stop-start vocals.
Following on , "Say Yes" has a mid-paced, almost indie kick, while an all round solid production helps the pace build.
3rd track "All The Voices" sounds more like a rough demo of The White Stripes - constricted vocals and staccato guitar squeals while the drums bounce along behind.
4th and final track "Rabbit Hole" leans closer to punk with a pretty catchy chorus and solid bass and guitar lines chasing the vocal line. For my money the best track on the ep.
Although  the self described "Mongrel Of a Band" cite Queens of The Stone Age , Jane's Addiction and Grunge bands amongst their influences , the first comparison that sprang to my mind were fellow beloved mongrels The Replacements. They sound like they have some of the same desire not to blend into the background with any sonic or lyrical clichés.
If you're a fan of Garage rock or you're simply yearning for a band with a truly  DIY spirit then you could do worse than Cardboard Hit.
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