The Lincoln-based quintet got together at the end of 2016 after a night out where they discovered mutual musical interests. They released their debut EP, 'Desire', and toured locally before branching further afield. With a strong and exciting image, the band both look and sound the part, and their drive has led to interest from the likes of BBC Introducing and Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1. After the success of their first EP they are back with what they describe as a "maturer" sound; the new EP, 'Not alone', is released 2nd March 2018.


The first track, 'Fire', is highly listenable with mainstream appeal; great vocals, a heavy bassline which adds attitude, a dual guitar attack, and hooks and melodies aplenty. This is great rock-pop music, thoroughly enjoyable, if not entirely original.


'Say You'll Stay' is far more commercial and pop-ish than I'd normally listen to but, having said that, the lyrics are strong and the drums solid. For me, though, the guitars aren't featured prominently enough until the end of the track. Good fun though.


'Hold Me' is a ballad with balls and one of the stand-out tracks on the EP. It's nicely textured and well-layered, with strong instrumentals, lush vocals and a killer chorus which gives the EP its name; "Hold me now and know that you're not alone…" The guitars are perfectly pitched to fit the style of the song, James hums in place of a bridge which works beautifully, and new life is breathed into the track in the penultimate chorus. This is a real ear-worm.


'Hometown' has a heavier instrumental in the intro and more attitude to the vocals, more alt-rock than pop, and builds to a climactic chorus before fading out. Again, the hooks and chorus are infectious and the vocals smooth and sumptuous.


The second stand-out track is the final one on the EP, 'Eyes', which has more fire in its belly and the strongest instrumental yet. The format and arrangement are a little more diverse, and the vocals carry more passion and emotion which, alongside the stronger instrumental, add depth and immerse me in the song. This is the best on the EP for me.


On the whole, this is a well-made EP, energetic and attractive with some addictive choruses. This band will no doubt go far. One track is a little too pop-like for me but the rest are solid and great alt-rock tracks which will stand well alongside the likes of You Me At Six and Bring Me The Horizon.


Track Order: 


Say You'll Stay 

Hold Me 





Martin James - Vocals

James Butcher - Drums

Rupert Tyrer - Lead Guitar

Tom Marsh - Bass

Simon Carroll - Rhythm Guitar 



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