CHANDRIAN KILL - ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ (EP)


Taking their name from Patrick Rothfuss’ bestselling fantasy series The King Killer Chronicles, and weaving their sound from the merging of two creative minds with a plethora of metal history to aid their journey in the construction of their music, duo Nic Whitmore (vocals) and Ted Clark (guitar/songwriter) make up the Canterbury based band CHANDRIAN KILL.

Contemporary, melodic metal with a sprinkling of djent qualities is what you can expect from the 3 track debut EP ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, and it’s good!

Pulling together their experience in bands such as Number One Son, Stonewall Silence, Moesaboa and My Life In The Making, both Nic and Ted have constructed a sound with Chandrian Kill that is uniquely theirs. With only 3 tracks to whet the appetite, they have produced a compelling debut EP, rich in tone and textures, contemporary, thought provoking modern metal and I can honestly say that I’m eagerly waiting for the next EP to drop already. EP opener ‘I Collide’ has an energy that bounds along, vocals hoarse and throaty, then calm and melodic. The stuttering drums holding the rhythm as the djent sounding guitar scorches through the track.


‘Filter Off’ takes a more sombre approach in its feel, a dark undercurrent ebbs below the music and the energy from the previous tracks wanes away, but the rhythm in itself is mesmerising, the whispered, hushed vocals adding an eerie quality during the brief interlude between chorus and verse, where the music dips and the vocals take centre stage. The roaring hoarse metalcore style vocals rearing up at the mid point, pushing the track through and into more melodious tones that really do mesh well together. In fact, that’s the best way to describe this EP in general, it’s a mesh of sounds, progcore meets metalcore screams with djent guitars and a sprinkling of nu-metal and melodic vocals.

Final track ‘Remain Alive’ kicks in with a burst of energy, the guitar and drums picking up a decent pace and the vocals once again switching up between the contrasting sounds of hoarse and melodic that work so well so far on this EP. There’s a hugely enigmatic feel to all the tracks, they capture your attention and hold it perfectly, I’m just annoyed that this isn’t a full album!

Chandrian Kill have an awesome sound; unique, diverse, contrasting and engaging, each track offers something new to the listener. Check them out, they are well worth your time.

‘Bring Out Your Dead’ will be released on the 7th September, but if you can’t wait til then, check out their first single ‘I Collide’ on YouTube:

Chandrian Kill are:
Ted Clark - Guitars

Nik Whitmore - Vocals

Find out more from Chandrian Kill at:

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