CHASIN' THE TRAIN - Whiskey Bottle / Exit Wounds (Single)



CHASIN' THE TRAIN are a blues-southern rock band from Dumfries who have just released their new single, double A-side 'Whiskey Bottle/ Exit Wounds'. The single is download or streaming only and will be familiar to fans as both songs have been in the live set for a while now while the band "fine-tuned" them. The band formed in 2014 and released their first EP in 2016, 'Off The Rails'. They describe their sound as “blues…with cojones” and the single was recorded live and produced by Dave Miller at Circa 16 Sound Recording in Dumfries.


'Whiskey Bottle' is a southern rock romp with resounding drums and bass, classic guitar, and gruff vocals. The harmonica kicks in just before the first chorus and brings a new dynamic giving the track some southern nectar. Pure southern rock, the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, is in short supply these days and I'm afraid this tracks falls a little short for me in acquiring that status. It is however an enjoyable round trip with abrasive vocals telling a great narrative, supported by talented musicians, calling in at Dumfries rather than Nashville. Well worth a listen though.


'Exit Wounds' is very much more classic blues-rock style; emotive and moody, lamenting the loss of a partner to another. The vocals are again gritty but more distressed and racked with pain. The harmonica is delicious in adding more emotion to the tale, as he sings of going to see his doctor to set him free, and the guitar solo at 2:40 is incredibly soulful and heartfelt, lending more passion and impressing with the quality of the playing. It's catchy, all instruments are played very well and Cuddihy's voice fits the style and mood perfectly. This is the better of the two for me and I look forward to hearing more.


Band members:

Bob Clements - Harmonica, Vocals

Tom Cuddihy - Vocals

Moon Drummer - Drums

Peter Jamieson - Bass, Vocals

Rory Nelson - Guitar, Vocals



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