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Leeds based four-piece CHASING DRAGONS released their debut album ‘Faction’ on Friday 5th October, funded in part by a kickstarter pledge campaign. The band played Amplified and Waynestock festivals this year and have had a pretty intensive live date schedule to boot. Prior to the release of ‘Faction’, lead single ‘Like Gravity’ dropped in July and second single ‘Parasite’ has just been released.


‘Factionless’ is the album intro, comprised of haunting repeated vocal lines and rhythmic patterns of staccato instrumentation. It’s intense, melodic and slightly aggressive, with an abrupt ending. My interest is piqued and my ears primed for what is to follow.


‘How The World Went Black’ begins with a killer riff and a head banging beat from the off, Murf’s resonating bass combined with Kate’s pounding drums drive this track forward, whilst Adam’s insane dancing riffs interwoven with Tank’s vocals that move effortlessly from haunting and melodic to gruff and intense are a delight to my ears. The haunting vocal interludes combined with the skilled guitar licks are seductive. At the bridge an unexpected bluesy guitar solo crashes into rising riffs with haunting soaring vocals that turn on a knife edge into amazingly intense gruff vocals and thrashy riffs, then flip again into melodic gorgeous tones; Tank’s voice is hypnotic.


‘Parasite’ is the recently released second single to be taken from the album and has a dramatic fuzzy riff intro and heavy drum combo that make for an intense and satisfying beginning. Tank’s slightly raw and raspy vocal on the melodic soaring notes is emotive, the sing-a-long-chorus is a real earworm and is sure to go down well live. You can watch the video here:


Catchy lead single ‘Like Gravity’ has some serious riffage and masterful fretwork from Adam and heavy thwacking drums from Kate, and also showcases Tank’s outstanding vocal ability. The softer interludes are perfect for highlighting Murf’s awesome chugging bass too. Watch the video here:


‘Bareknuckle Lover’, with its impeccable guitar riffs, grungy bass lines and deftly-produced drum beats from the outset is ripe for headbanging, but with a swift change in tone it becomes wonderfully grungy and sleazy with a great sing-a-long chorus. Tank can really belt it out with the best of them; her vocals are powerful and seem utterly effortless.


‘For Kingdom For Glory’ is multi-layered and atmospheric, it’s a great track for listening to through headphones and picking out the tones in the fuzzy bass lines and bracing guitar licks. ‘This Time Is Ours’ begins with a softly plucked guitar and crisp, clear vocal that highlights the beautiful tones in Tank’s voice. Solid drumming and subdued bass on this track are the perfect combo, and fantastic harmonious backing vocals give way to a singing guitar solo from Adam that’s just sublime.


‘Devil in Her Eyes’ has dramatic, killer riffs aplenty, rich rounded vocals and the driving rhythm section power this exhilarating track along. The delicate piano intro to ‘The Connection’ give way to military style drums and heartfelt vocals, before all hell breaks loose as big crunchy walls of guitars get involved. As in the beginning, angst-ridden vocals are so engaging and delicate combined with the piano as the song finishes.


‘I’m No Deal (I’m Just A Girl) is a full-on assault on the ears that I love from the first hearing. Fierce and feisty vocals and frenetic, skilled drumming from Kate are the order of the day, and superb shredding riffs from Adam are sure to make this a track that will be a crowd pleaser. The futuristic beats that signal the start of ‘Whitehorse’ pave the way for a gorgeous raspy tone to Tank’s vocal. Heavy on the percussion and full of intricate, blistering riffs, it is catchy and inventive. ‘We Are The Wall’ has a catchy hook and is a ballsy, relentless attack. “We are the wall that won’t fall down!”; it’s the perfect ending to ‘Faction’, and was mercilessly stuck in my head for days after just one listen.


Sounding like a meld of the metal bands of yesteryear and at the same time offering something entirely new, Chasing Dragons supply an addictive blend of sounds that you find yourself singing along to before you know it. Each song is well crafted, the melodic instrumental parts combine beautifully to create an uplifting, high calibre explosion of sound that hits you right between the eyes. Instrumentally inventive, Murf, Kate and Adam are accomplished musicians who play with passion and Tank’s voice is intoxicating. Chasing Dragons have already been confirmed for Heaven & Hell Fest, Breaking Bands and Girls Rock! Festivals for 2019. The band are out on tour right now; see them at the dates below.


‘FACTION’ track listing:


How The World Went Black


Like Gravity

Bareknuckle Lover

For Kingdom For Glory

This Time Is Ours

Devil In Her Eyes

The Connection

I’m No Devil (I’m Just A Girl)


We Are The Wall


Band members:-

Tank - vocals

Murf - bass/vocals

Adam - guitar/vocals

Kate - drums


Catch Chasing Dragons on tour at these dates:-

6th October - The Lounge, Kentish Town, London (album launch show)

3rd November - Croydon Conference Centre, Croydon

4th November - Southampton, Joiners

6th November - Norwich, Brickmakers

7th November - Birmingham, Hammer & Anvil

8th November - Nuneaton, Queens Hall

9th November - Stamford, Mama Liz’s

18th November - Wakefield, Black Mass Bar

30th November - Face Bar, Reading


Find out more about Chasing Dragons here:-

Official website:






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