Cut and Run is the third album from this collective of talented musicians and singers. A band with vocal talent, guitar mastery, bassline funk and groove ridden drumming plus a horn section of enviable ability.


Chris Bevington had an idea in 2012 which grew rapidly and the project came to fruition in  2013. He invited musicians into the studio to perform on the first EP which then became an 11 track album, creative minds plying their trade. The second album featured guests such as Robert Hart, Rebecca Downes and Pete Frampton amongst its cast, the cream of the blues world - so no pressure for the third album then?


I am pleased to say that this album is full of enjoyment, people coming together with a passion for good music, songs written by talented guys who know what they are doing, rolling, easy, delicious melodies knitted together with clever arrangements and flowing lyrics.


When it feels like everyone involved in making this album had fun, it becomes almost infectious. ‘Cut and Run’ is a real good blues fuelled album with some twists and turns hitting the border of rock and roll and mixing it in and shaking it around.


‘It’s Too Late’ is a sterling opener and one that sets the benchmark with a delivery of blues filled awesomeness to make you sit up and take notice. The guitar-work is so listenable, catchy riffs, full of blues tinged rock and roll. It’s a big sound from all concerned. ‘Had Enough’ has stunning swaggering riffs to open the song before the brass section gives the song it’s a sultry swagger.  Smooth vocals carry the melody and flood it out with funk and groove.


‘Got Too Know’ has an up-tempo blues vibe which seems to flow and wind its way through encompassing more delightful grooves. Sarah and Kate ensure the backing vocals fit the song effortlessly filling it out with energy. I am seriously loving this!


Bring on the slower grooves of ‘Won’t Daydream No More,’ a lighter feel and clarity to the vocal rich with passion and emotion and a sax solo to match.  Lyrically it has a very poetic, heartfelt edge.


‘Cut and Run’, the title track which has a southern blues feel running through, the vocal riding high above the light guitar, catchy as fuck. As the track fills out and the explosion of sound slaps you severely around the head, sliding riffs and relentless rhythm from some thunderous drumming. A cracking tune.


‘It Ain’t Easy,’  back to the swagger, an easy feel to the whole arrangement, an up-tempo groove which drags me back to the ‘70s, and buckets full of funk with plenty of horns. A solid track.


The song-writing is off the scale with ‘She Ran Away To The City’ – another track with some serious soulful groove running through, the lyrics have a flow to make you listen, delivered beautifully. A classy song and lovely arrangement with just enough backing vocals from the ladies. Some seriously good riffs from Kirkpatrick punctuate the smoothness.


‘Sing Myself To Sleep’ brings me back to blues rich smoothness, a song which has you moving from the offset. Packing in swagger, style and energy. So many things going on with this well-constructed song and another great lyric and vocal performance from Scott Ralph.

‘Rollin’ is so full of everything classically good about blues music, it’s almost obscene! Great riffs with a lovely vibe, full of energy. Best track on the album for me, one that is impossible to not move to.


‘Ain’t Got Nobody To Love’ has a distinct sound of bluesy rock and roll, horns, relentless rhythm of the drums and smooth vocal arrangement. One that will bring the house down when performed live no doubt!


‘Coming Down With the Blues’ such a nice guitar sound… I do like the vibe of these more blues fuelled rock and roll tracks, the guitar being the star of the show for me. Amazing horns on this one adding to the whole vibe and a kick ass melody. ‘The Bad Guy’s’ with a sliding guitar sound giving this song a laid-back feel, another treat for the ears and a really nice one to close to the album.


I’m sorry the album has come to an end. It’s a very good listen. A mix of blues and rock and roll, cleverly arranged with some well thought out melodies and beautifully flowing lyrics. The musicianship is second to none as expected from such seasoned professionals but together it just sounds so good!


A must for any blues fan and one to challenge some of the ‘big’ names with albums out there so far this year.


Chris Bevington Organisation are:
Scott Ralph - Vocals, Percussion & Baritone Horn
Jim Kirkpatrick - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Bevington - Bass Guitar
Neil McCallum - Drums
Sarah Miller - Vocals
Kate Robertson - Vocals
Dave Edwards - Keyboards & Harp
Mike Yorke - Saxophone
Adrian Gibson - Horns


Guest Musicians
Adrian Goldstraw - Keyboards (The Bad Guys)
Chris Aldridge - Saxophone
Ben Oakes - Saxophone
Lewis Topping - Trombone


Check out the band's website for details of upcoming live performances.

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