CIRCUS 66 - Showtime (EP)



CIRCUS 66 is the brainchild of guitarist, Matt, and bassist, Tom, who met at university in 2012. For 3 years the band performed as a trio and enjoyed some success on the release of their second EP in 2015 whilst signed to Animal Farm records. A lineup change saw the band reinventing themselves musically, now a 4-piece with the addition of drummer, Richard, and powerhouse vocalist, Annabelle. The EP, 'Showtime', features Producer/Engineer Adam Whalley (Slash, Richie Sambora) and is out now.


The real standout on the EP, for me, is the first track, 'Disappear' - this alone makes me want to hear what else this band have got to say. There is a deep funky groove, a deep female vocal, moody and angry, with a punkish quality, and some lush guitars.


'X Rated' is their current single and hooks me with a driving drum beat and some lush riffs, but it doesn’t grab me by the throat. 'Until The Blues Are Gone' however, is a different sound and a different league again, dual lead vocals and a familiar style yet not old or dated but fresh and exciting. The track chugs its way into my brain and my heart and has a divine, screaming guitar solo.


'The Deal' was the first track I heard for Circus 66 and I immediately loved it for the heavy groove, funky beat and vocal effects, think Bon Jovi talk box. It's not necessarily innovative but it's great fun and catchy as f***.

'Red Mary Jane' has more attitude and yet more guitar virtuoso appeal, and is a commending piece of contemporary southern-blues infused hard rock. The final track, 'Little Texas Princess' takes those influences a step further with a beautiful southern twang to this guitar-driven track, and a stellar solo.


Circus 66 are a band to watch, and this is an EP you should listen to at least once, especially if you like your rock with a little JD.


X Rated
Until The Blues Are Gone
The Deal
Red Mary Jane
Little Texas Princess


Band Members:
Annabelle Zaychenko - Lead Vocals
Matt Pearce - Guitars & Vocals
Tom Parker - Bass
Richard "Major" Bicknell - Drums




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