CONSPIRACY OF KINGS - Until The End Of The Day

Kahmel Farahani


In a year already packed full of impressive releases, new guys on the block Conspiracy Of Kings have recently launched their new single/video “Until The End Of The Day”.


A solid three-piece, the band have made a simple yet engaging black and white video:

Vocalist Richard Gardner cuts a sturdy figure with his white Les Paul while bassist Stu McEwan and drummer Ryan Randolph keep a steady modern rock beat. Dressed in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers the band look and sound about as far from Motley Crue as it’s possible to be (I imagine that’s their aim too!).


The song itself wouldn’t sound out of place in any modern rock-radio playlist , in between Shinedown and Seether. While it’s not a shockingly original song , musically or lyrically, you have to admire the clear direction behind it- Conspiracy Of Kings clearly want to be on the same festival bills as Alter Bridge and Volbeat and based on this evidence I can see it happening in the not too distant future.


With some more touring and honing of their skills, Conspiracy Of Kings might just be ones to watch.


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