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Oklahoma City, USA is the hometown of Cosmic Wool formed in 2013 by brothers Nevada and Rado Romo (Formerly with Anti-Mortem) and John ‘Drew’ Williams and Tom Frizzell on drums.


Full of energy packed groovy riffs, their fans have categorised them as a ‘Space-Rock’ band and they certainly are not a run of the mill rock band, the synths, keys and epic riffs combined with bass lines full of funk giving this band a sound which sounds, well like them!


This album is predominantly a delight to listen too. The funky bassline running through some of the songs makes it impossible to keep your feet still while delighting your ear drums with melody and riffs. I couldn’t get Chic and Nile Rodgers out of my head with the amount of melody and funk on some of the tracks coupled with some blistering riffs and stunning vocals, it sounds very different and very interesting. The vocals are packed with expression, tone and variety. The lyrics are easy on the ear and the chorus’s stick in your head.


‘Hole In My Head’ begins with a kick ass riff and continues to be a guitar driven track. Great vocals with a lovely tone. ‘Moonstone’ is an interesting track. Psychedelic, grunge, funk vibes with buzzy riffs and big crashing drums all with a hard rock edge!


‘I Met A Girl’ has a catchy groove which comes not just from the music but also the vocals. It has a few ‘Chilli’s’ moments but it’s that funky bass combined with the riffs that make this a solid track. ‘Nina Cherry’ slowly rumbles along with a throbbing bass line and as the keyboards, guitars and laid-back vocals fall effortlessly into place, it develops into something rather tasty. “You grabbed me, now you won’t let me go,” say the lyrics summarising how I feel about this song. Some lovely riffs make this one memorable.


‘Only 2’ has a lighter feel before an explosive riff smacks its way through to make this a well arranged, melodic rock song with a hugely catchy chorus, more fuzzy guitars and a grunge feeling vocal capturing your eardrums then pounding them into submission with the blistering guitar solo and holding them hostage until the end of the track.


‘What I’ve Been Up To All Alone’ is where things get a bit of a ‘pop’ feeling for me. It has a varied vocal and some nice riffs, but it is nowhere near as strong as the previous tracks. It isn’t a bad track, it just feels very ‘Duran Duran’ and doesn’t fit with the other tracks. The final track ‘#Lonely’ continues with this pop vibe and the chorus is annoyingly catchy. There is a nice guitar solo but for me even that can’t quite save it. Both these tracks feel wrong, out of place and detract from what is an album full of promise. The band’s sound on a whole is very different and very enjoyable, I just wish the last two tracks weren’t there.


Cosmic Wool are:

Rado Romo – Lead vocals, bass

Nevada Romo – Guitars, keyboards and backing vocals

Drew Williams – Guitars and keyboards

Tom Frizzell – Drums


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