Courtesans - Feel The Same (Single)



I first came across Courtesans earlier this year at Amplified Festival where they wowed me with their live performance, and have been eagerly anticipating a further release from their sophomore EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’.


‘Feel The Same’ starts with simple, almost ethereal guitars and gentle drums before vocalist Sinead comes in with unexpected rapping. Haunting backing vocals provide the bridge to the chorus which is more in keeping with what I would expect from Courtesans’ style of doom pop; the music hits you straight in the chest and the vocals are full of emotional angst. The lyrics tell the painful story of unrequited love and because of the passion conveyed in both the music and vocals, you become part of that story.


I have to admit took me a few listens to get used to the rapping, but it does give the track an extra dimension that really works with the lyrics. The chorus is as catchy as hell and I guarantee you will be singing along. I have said previously that with this band, you feel the music; this track has not altered my opinion. A video has recently been released to accompany the track which you can find on YouTube


Courtesans are out on tour during November and December, a full list of dates can be found on their


The single is available on all digital platforms, as well as their own online store,


Courtesans are:

Sinead La Bella – Vocals

Saffire Sanchez - Guitar/Vocals

Agnes D Jones - Bass/Vocals

Vikki Brown - Drums


You can keep up to date on all things Courtesans at:





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